7 Must Know Tips for DIY Termite Treatment in Australia

Termites are nasty creatures that can destroy your property and effective termite control is required. To ensure that your property does not become infested with termites, it is important that you keep your property clean, tidy and free from moisture.

Termites enjoy eating wooden materials and will rarely make themselves known. Regular inspections of your property are important so that no parts of your property become vulnerable to termites. In our previous blog, Top 5 Tips for Termite Control in Australia, we offered our customers helpful tips to help keep their property safe from termites.

Since termites present an ongoing threat to your home or business, here are 7 must know tips for DIY termite treatment and control that you can implement today.

1. Ensure Well-Ventilated Areas

An essential termite control home remedy is to keep your property well-ventilated. Moisture, together with a common wooden property structure, can be susceptible to a termite infestation. Clear vents to ensure that there is no dampness to any part of your property.

2. Repair Leaking Downpipes And Gutters

Leaking downpipes and gutters can cause water to pond next to the structure of your property. Arrange for a plumber to seal downpipes and ensure that gutters are operating effectively. Any backflows or overflows should be fixed to prevent water escaping into roofing cavities.

3. Remove Rotten Wood Pieces

Rotten wood pieces, i.e. tree stumps, are unnecessary and can lead to a termite infestation. Removing these rotten pieces is effective natural termite control that requires no equipment or products. Keep your garden clean and tidy and do not pile pieces of wood near your property.

4. Remove Excess Foliage

Your garden should be kept tidy to ensure that there is no dead or rotting plant matter lying on the ground. Termites thrive in these moist and damp environments. Organise for yourself, or a gardener, to keep your garden clean on a periodic basis.

5. Seal Entry Points To Your Property

Ensure that your property’s façade is sealed. There should be no gaps to invite pests. This will also ensure that moisture does not build up in the walls, roof and flooring.

6. Replace Damage Wood

To prevent the spread of termites, ensure that damaged pieces of wood on your property are replaced. Whether there is damage to the flooring, walls, roof, decking or structure, ensure that you engage a professional to treat the damaged area and replace the damaged piece safely.

7. Check Your Property

Regular inspections of your property are required. Often, termites are hard to locate and will not be visible. Conduct periodic inspections to check the structural integrity of your property and consult with a professional if you believe there might be damage.

These DIY tips will help safeguard your property from termites. However, if you feel that there is still a risk of a termite infestation, call the professional pest control companyVIP Pest Control, on 1800 198 041 to book an appointment or request a quotation online.

Do you want to safeguard your property from termites? Share some tips below.

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