Top 5 Tips for Termite Control in Australia

Termite treatment in Melbourne is available. Do not worry alone about termites and start finding the best termite control in Melbourne. VIP Pest Control offers leading termite control services to residents in Victoria and has over 40 years’ experience helping property owners safeguard their home or business from termites.

Termites are crafty creatures and like to destroy the structures of your home or business without warning. Do not waste time trying online or supermarket remedies. Lower future repair costs by engaging a professional. Here are a few responses to frequently asked questions received from our customers.

Do Termites Harm Your Property?

Termites will harm your property. They feed on cellulose materials such as the wooden structure of your home, decks, patios, fences, furniture, exposed plants and trees, and much more. Since wood is a common building material, it is important that any wooden structures have been installed correctly, treated properly and regularly maintained. Termites will rarely expose their presence and will undertake their destruction process undetected. They multiply fast and love to eat! If you are unsure about whether your property has termites, arrange for an inspection.

Will Termites Go Away Naturally?

Termites will not go away from your property naturally. Termites need to eat and they like to breed. Therefore, they always enjoy nesting in wooden materials. The more they feed, the greater the damage. To strengthen their dominance, they will breed new termites for extra help. Without targeted termite treatment, the infestation can spread and result in large repair costs.

Do We Need A Professional To Remove Termites?

Like we have said before, termites are hard to locate. Special equipment is required. At VIP Pest Control, we use Termatrac. Thermal technology allows an investigation of termite location without the need to make inspection holes in the wall or ceiling. Termites are crafty and hard to find. A non-invasive method of detection will ensure that the customer’s home or business is not exposed to decomposing termites. This not only saves time for the technician but increases customer satisfaction because no repairs to the home or business need take place after any inspection.

Top 5 Tips for Termite Control

Here are the top five tips for effective termite control:

  1. Ensure your property has watertight plumbing, gutters and downpipes. If moisture continuously ponds near wooden structures, an infestation is likely to occur.
  2. All parts of the property need ventilation to keep the internal structure of the property dry.
  3. Clear the basement of any rubbish and unused wooden materials.
  4. Ensure that the property is not resting on stumps submerged in soil. Especially, check that any decks, patios, pergolas and fences do not have wooden parts exposed to the earth.
  5. Seal your property completely and undertake regular inspections.

If you are stilled worried about termites, give VIP Pest Control a call on 1800 198 041. Our technicians can help you to assess the severity of the termite infestation, develop a termite protection plan and rid termites from your property for good.

Want to share some tips? Help others experiencing problems relating to termites by sharing your tips. What steps have you taken to safeguard your property from termites? Let us, and the community, know below.

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