Pest Control Services Melbourne & Bendigo

General Pest Control Services in Melbourne & Bendigo, VIC

VIP Pest Control offers a range of Pest Control Services ranging from general pest control treatment, pest inspections, building and pest Inspections, commercial pest control, residential pest control, pest management and body corporate in the Melbourne & Bendigo area.

VIP Pest Control uses the safest insecticides available. We are fully insured and accredited by the Health Department. Our pest control technicians are reliable, friendly and trustworthy.

Areas We Service

We Service all suburbs of Melbourne, including the following areas and more: Wantirna / Knox Region / Nunawading / Ringwood / Lilydale / Endeavour Hills / Pakenham / Dandenong / Frankston / Belgrave / Seaford / Diamond Creek/ Richmond / Hawthorn / Melton / Sunbury / Werribee / Taylors Lakes / Bundoora / Craigieburn / Greensborough / Rowville.

We also service some Regional Victorian areas Bendigo / Seymour / Castlemaine / Kyneton / Heathcote / Mornington Peninsula / Latrobe Valley / Yea.

Melbourne & Bendigo’s Premier Pest Control Services

VIP Pest Control is Melbourne and Bendigo’s premier choice for quality pest control services. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise you need to get the job done and maintain a pest-free zone around your home or business.

Our highly trained and fully accredited team provide reliable and safe pest control services for ultimate peace of mind. As Melbourne and Bendigo’s premier pest control company, we can effectively treat your pest concerns and prevent any future issues. 


We offer a wide range of pest control services to homes and businesses across Melbourne and Bendigo. At VIP Pest Control, we specialise in inspections, treatments and preventions to fix your pest problems for good. Whether you are plagued with termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, silverfish, fleas or any other unwanted insects, our expert team can quickly and efficiently remove any pests.

Our termite control service also includes inspections, proofing for new homes, treatment of established homes and pre-purchase timber pest inspections. No matter which service you need, all of our treatments are reliable, environmentally friendly and meet all required Australian standards. If you want your property to be pest-free for a guaranteed period, get in touch today!


At VIP Pest Control, we care about protecting your family, employees and property from pests. Our complete pest management services across Melbourne and Bendigo not only solve your pest problems but prevent any future issues from happening. Since pests pose as health risks and can cause significant structural damage, we offer pest control inspections, treatments and preventions that ensure long-term protection. Our expert team are here to guide you every step of the way so you have peace of mind that your property is pest-free and your family or employees are safe.


If your property is plagued with pests, VIP Pest Control can help. We offer a wide range of affordable pest removal services to remove unwanted insects, spiders and rodents.

Our Termite Treatment Cost vary depending on different factors, including the type of pests, the extent of the infestation and the size of your property. While our inspection and treatment costs start from $250, we tailor prevention packages to each property.

At VIP Pest Control, we take the time to understand your situation and provide the best solution for your exact needs. For a free personalised quote, contact us to discuss your pest control concerns.


VIP Pest Control provides reliable and safe pest management services to homes and businesses across Melbourne and Bendigo. Our reasonably priced yet high-quality pest removal services can treat your pest concerns quickly and let you get on with your life, pest-free!

With our highly trained and fully accredited team, we have the expertise you need to get the job done and eradicate your pest problems for good. As a fully insured pest control company accredited by the Health Department, we care about safely protecting your family, employees and customers from pests.

If you suspect pests are active around your home or business, contact VIP Pest Control today!

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Pest Control Services FAQS

How much is the average pest control services?

The average pest control services which includes full 3-bedroom property inspection and treatment for common pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and fleas costs between $200 and $250.

How do pest control services work?

A pest control service involves a consultation, inspection, treatment and follow-up. We follow this simple process for all jobs and excellent customer service. By consulting with you we understand your needs. We then inspect the property to scope the works. Once agreed, we treat in accordance with your schedule. Following treatment, we follow-up to check in, assess progress and apply any further treatment where required.

Is pest control service worth it?

Pest control services keep pests away so that you can keep your occupants healthy, worry less about pest infestations and ensure your property is protected. We offer standalone services through to full pest control treatment packages.

How often should pest control be done in Melbourne?

We recommend at least an annual pest control visitation in Melbourne. If your property is more susceptible to pest infiltration due to the location, environment and use, a more frequent visitation will keep pests away.

How do you clean your house after pest control?

Following pest control treatment, remember to follow the pest controller’s advice. While you should always keep your property clean to minimise the likelihood of a pest infestation, remember to carefully clean your property so that you do not interfere with the treatment that has been applied.

How long should pest control last?

On average, pest control treatment lasts between 3-5 months. This is not guaranteed and varies depending on the climate, environment, use of the property and whether there are any uncontrollable factors that affect the pest control treatment.

Do I need to move furniture for pest control?

This is highly recommended so that we can access all parts of your property with ease. If you need help moving your furniture, we can factor this in to our service so that you don’t have to worry about that.

Is monthly pest control necessary?

This depends on the location or your property and how your property is being used. While monthly pest control treatment will keep pests away, a less frequent service will achieve the same result. If you have young kids, pets or use your property in a way that invites pests, a more frequent visitation is recommended.  

What should I do to prepare for pest control?

For effective treatment, we recommend you clean your property before the treatment, make sure all areas of your property are easily and clearly accessible, and have no occupants visit the site for a specific period of time. This will help us to apply our treatment equally throughout your property.

What if I am not satisfied with your pest control service?

We guarantee our services. Provided we have not correctly applied pest control treatment to your property, we are happy to come out again and redo the treatment where required. We keep our clients happy and strive to do more than less.

Do you provide pest control service on weekends?

Yes. We understand that you are busy during the week with work, family and social commitments. We take the pressure out of your week by scheduling an appropriate weekend visitation in accordance with your timetable and requirements.

Do you have experienced pest control staff?

All staff are skilled, regularly trained and fully equipped with the latest tools, equipment and treatment products. We arm our pest controllers with everything required to provide targeted and effective treatment to all types of pests at all properties in various locations.

After booking for an order, how much time will you take to come and start the pest control service?

We can attend your property the same day (if you call in the morning), next day or at any time that is convenient to you. We have a strong and large fleet of pest controllers who are ready, willing and equipped to rid your property of nasty pests.