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It is safe to say that we in Australia are all familiar with the presence of bees and wasps. They are distinctive yellow and black flying creatures that make a characteristic buzzing sound that becomes audible if they come into close proximity with you. Some species of the bee, like the Honey Bee, are arguably the most important creatures in our ecosystem, responsible for over 80% of the pollination required by most fruits, legumes, and vegetable seed plants. Many also do not sting. Therefore, it is essential to get a better understanding of the different species in order to identify the best form of bee and wasp control in Melbourne or Bendigo for your home or business.

Wasps are fierce predators, hunting and eating almost every form of insect pest that harms crops. However, some wasps have a tendency to be attracted to food that humans eat, which is why you may occasionally find one flying around you whilst you’re consuming food. Those who have been stung by wasps often report that it can be a painful experience, with others having witnessed hives being built around their home.

To keep your home as unattractive as possible to bees and wasps, it is ideal to keep food sources well sealed–especially those that have a high sugar and protein content, as this is what they appear to be most attracted to.

There are a couple of common breeds of bees and wasps in Australia:

European Wasp
European Wasps have a yellow and black body and are the ones that are generally responsible for the painful stings that some have experienced. If indoors, they prefer to build nests in some cavities, walls and ceilings, and compost bins.

Honey Bees
Honey Bees are a more dull shade of yellow, with the same black stripes on their body. They often build their nests in trees, and occasionally in wall cavities or roof spaces.

How to Get Rid of Bees & Wasps

If you are looking at getting rid of bees and wasps in your space, the team at VIP Pest Control are the experts in the field. We offer the most efficient bees and wasp removal in Melbourne. Not only do we specialise in bee and wasp treatment, but we provide effective methods of bee and wasp prevention also.

Call us today for a chat 1800 198 041 and speak with one of our friendly team members who can answer any questions you may have, give you a free quote and arrange bee and wasp treatment suited to your situation.

Why Choose VIP Pest Control for Bees & Wasps Control in Melbourne or Bendigo:

  • Environmentally friendly bee and wasp pest control
  • Highly trained and fully accredited professionals
  • Efficient and reasonably priced high-quality bee and wasp control services
  • Over 40 Years industry experience


VESPEX European Wasp Lure is a specially formulated, nontoxic liquid lure which is attractive to European Wasps (Vespula germanica).


European Wasp Lure is approved for use in insecticide baiting when mixed with Sundew EnsnarePRO® 50SC Insecticide in situations where nests are not able to be located and directly treated.

EnsnarePRO contains the active ingredient indoxacarb. Indoxacarb is from a class of insecticides developed with non-repellent properties (i.e. insects cannot detect its presence). This clever active ingredient is designed to not interfere with insects’ behaviours and has a delayed mode of action.

A treatment is made by mixing EnsnarePRO with VESPEX European Wasp Lure to form a base baiting toxicant liquid.

The prepared bait is then strategically deployed using VESPEX Bait Stations following a grid density pattern.

There is no requirement to ­nd the nests as the wasps collect the bait from the feeder trays in the wasp tunnel stations and carry it back to the nest. The wasps then share the bait with the queen and fellow workers, quickly destroying the whole colony.

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Sundew is committed to meeting good product stewardship standards, which includes ensuring that people who use the products are fully aware of the correct techniques of usage and understand their obligations.

All wasp baiting programmes using VESPEX European Wasp toxicant baiting should be conducted by an Accredited Specialist. Sundew keeps a list of Accredited Specialists who are able to carry out wasp baiting programmes for themselves or their organisations.


VESPEX European Wasp Lure is a specially formulated, nontoxic liquid lure which is attractive to European Wasps (Vespula germanica) throughout all stages of their life cycle, including newly emerging queens in Spring.


VESPEX European Wasp Lure has been developed to use in two versatile ways; for use in bottle/bag/dome traps, and remote baiting of European wasp nests.


VESPEX European Wasp Lure is ideal for use in suitable bottle, bag or dome traps. During development of the liquid lure, testing was conducted in the ­eld using a variety of bottle, dome and bag traps commercially available. E‑ciency of tested traps was vastly variable between designs.

As a result Sundew Solutions sought to bring to the market a trap that had the attributes of the successful design elements of others, while incorporating innovative features that took advantage of the habits of European wasps and their foraging behaviours. The result was the VESPEX Dominator™ Bottle Trap.

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Using VESPEX Lure with the Dominator Bottle Traps is a versatile tool when targeting European wasps. Used together they are valuable for:

– Monitoring population distribution spread

– Measuring pest pressure

– Spring trapping of queens to reduce nesting

– Weakening of colony worker numbers

– Environmentally friendly trapping option

– Chemical free option for sensitive areas


Correct positioning of traps is essential to the success of consistently trapping European wasps in signi­cant numbers.

The best positioning for traps is in open direct sunlight areas where wasp activity is high.

Do not position traps amongst foliage just because you observe wasps feeding in these locations.

If European wasps are observed in a location and the traps are not trapping wasps within 3 days of deployment, it is recommended to relocate the trap/s in an alternative open space and repeat the process until capture occurs.

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VESPEX European Wasp Lure must be replaced every 14 days in warm weather, or 30 days in cooler weather, or when levels drop due to evaporation. Inspect the trap regularly and remove dead insects.

If the trap is full and there is no free liquid, remove the contents and rinse with clean water before re­lling with VESPEX European Wasp Lure.


When used as directed, VESPEX European Wasp Lure is not attractive to bees. The product contains volatiles which mask the lure and make it unattractive. Follow the label directions for use.


Wasps may swarm suddenly in homes and workplaces for a variety of reasons. Their infestations may range from minor to severe, but one thing they have in common is that they are a nuisance for homes and business owners. If wasps consistently infest your property, you can count on VIP Pest Control’s wasp removal experts to get rid of them.

The following are some of the reasons why you have wasps:

  • Open trash can lid
  • Uncovered food
  • Pet food in an open area
  • There is sweet, ripe fruit around


Wasp eradication is rarely a DIY project.

However removing what you believe might be the source of wasp attraction/infestation,  can help. If the problem persists, then it might be time to consider commercial wasp removal services.

If you want to get rid of bees and wasps in your home or business, the professionals at VIP Pest Control can help. In Melbourne, we provide the most effective bee and wasp eradication services and not only specialise in treatment but also offer efficient bee and wasp preventive techniques.


The removal and prevention of wasp infestations can often require the services of a professional. If you are suffering from such an occurrence at your property, it’s important that you arrange for a professional to address the situation./If wasps are impacting your property, you must arrange for a professional to address the situation. Wasps do not just protect your property but also affects the overall health and safety.

Removing wasps is important because:

  • Even the tiniest bump may trigger them to get alarmed and attack humans nearby.
  • The stings are excruciating and may need immediate medical attention. More wasps mean an increased frequency of attacks.
  • Wasps, unlike bees, may sting many times and can attack humans who get close to their nests.
  • They strike in groups, which may be fatal.


Wasps and schools should never be allowed to mix./Wasps and school is a perfect recipe for a fatal mix.

If you work at a school with a wasp infestation, it is of vital importance for the health and safety of your students and staff that commercial wasp removal experts address it. Wasp stings can be particularly dangerous to kids and since wasps are known to attack in hives, it can be a traumatic experience for adults, much less children.

Schools can often provide plenty of potential targets and attractions for wasps, from full bins to fruit left outside. Schools must be vigilant in addressing the causes of wasp infestations and acting quickly to remove them should they ever become an issue.

Option 2 – From full bins to fruits left outside, several areas in a school building can serve as a breeding ground for wasps. Schools must be vigilant in addressing the causes of wasp infestations and acting quickly to remove them should they ever become an issue.


When it comes to wasps and grapes, the rule of thumb is that the sweeter the fruit, the better. Grapes are extremely popular with wasps because of their pleasant smell and high sugar content

For vineyard owners and wine producers, wasps infestation is a leading contributor to grape rot in commercial and independent vineyards.

VIP Pest Control can help with wasp eradication services that don’t harm your fruit and other produce.


Whilst they can be a real nuisance and a very real threat to health and safety, wasp removal in Melbourne is easy.

Step One: Call VIP Pest Control on 1800 198 041.

Step Two: Let our commercial wasp removal experts sort it out for you!

At VIP Pest Control, we are passionate about providing our customers expert and precise pest removal services that effectively remove pests from the property without harming you, your family, or your produce.

Contact us today to book in your pest inspection and/or wasp removal service.

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