Fleas – Control & Removal

FleasThe presence of fleas is often associated with pets, and while it is not unusual for fleas to make themselves at home on the bodies of animals, they have also been known to find their way into buildings and feed on people too. They usually enter a property with a pet as they feed on its blood. More than anything, fleas simply tend to cause itchiness to the person or pet that they bite, and for many, this leads to irritation. As they are quite small (usually from 2mm to 10mm), and they can jump impressive distances, they can be quite evasive and difficult to spot.

If you suspect fleas on your property, the first thing you should do is give the entire house a thorough vacuum. This includes carpets, cracks in floorboards, and furnishings. If you have pets and believe they may have fleas, take them to a vet and have them treated to prevent any discomfort they may be experiencing, and to ensure that they don’t bring the critters home with them.

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