Pest Control In Strathdale, Victoria

VIP Pest Control offers efficient and safe pest control services to homes and businesses across Melbourne, Strathdale and parts of regional Victoria. Our highly trained and fully accredited professionals possess the skills required to fix your pest problems permanently.

Strathdale, a suburb of the of Bendigo, is located in north-central Victoria. At our VIP Pest Control Strathdale service centre, our pest control technicians are not only equipped with well-rounded knowledge and investigative skills, but also carry a wide range of pest treatment products to service all pest problems in your home or business.


We cover offer a variety of pest control services, including prevention, treatments, and pre-purchase inspections. VIP Pest Control specialises in pest control by utilising the latest technology available to make sure we give you an informed feedback about your pest issues.

Some of the pest control services we provide include inspections, home treatment, proofing for new homes and building inspection reports.

Our pest control specialists can help you eliminate termites, rodents, ants, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, bees and wasps, silverfish, wood borers, clothes moths, and carpet beetles for good.

Pest-control chemicals were once routinely used to get rid of infestations. These types of pesticides are referred to as “repellents.” Repellents aren’t the most effective way to treat pest infestation because they were never used to completely annihilate pest colonies, but rather to work as a deterrent. Pests were still present and merely avoided the treated regions.

When a home or office building is treated with a pyrethroid insecticide like Bifenthrin—which is still available as a low-cost option—you risk trapping the pest within your home rather than permanently keeping them out.


At VIP Pest Control, all our treatments are carried out by friendly, well-trained, licensed, professional pest technicians who are industry certified.

Treatments for pest infestations have developed rapidly in recent years and VIP Pest Control is invested in bringing the latest pest control innovations to Strathdale.

At VIP Pest Control we have a range of pest treatment options to get rid of pests.

Our team consists of leading pest control technicians in Strathdale. With more than 40 years of industry experience, our company has knowledge and understanding far superior to other pest control companies in the Strathdale area.

As pest control treatments has evolved in recent years, our trained staff offer the very best eco-friendly treatment solutions. We know that Strathdale residents and business owners care about the health, safety and well-being of their family members, employees, pets, plant life and anyone with allergies or sensitivities, which is why we ensure that our treatments are not harmful to your near and dear ones.

pest control in strathdaleWe use many pest control methods to eliminate pests that can loosely be grouped into six categories: hygienic, biological, chemical, physical, fumigation, fogging and heat treatments. VIP Pest Control uses a single or hybrid method to eliminate your pest problem at home or at your business location.

As a customer of VIP Pest Control in Strathdale, you will benefit from our blue-ribbon service which includes:

  • Courteous telephone or email service to assess your needs for pest control treatment
  • If your pest problem is urgent, we try to organise a rapid service call-out by an experienced technician
  • All visits include a documented report for your file, and our records in case of reoccurrence of the pest problem
  • Our pest control treatments are guaranteed and charged at a competitive price
  • Our pest control treatments are non-invasive

You can be rest assured that our local Strathdale technicians have taken care of every possible pest problem, and are familiar with both rare and common pests that exist in Strathdale and surrounding its areas. We will provide you with informed advice about the pest problem you are experiencing and offer an effective and on-the-spot solutions.

Call VIP Pest Control today, for a no-obligation discussion at 1800 198 041 or request a quotation online!