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Glen Waverley Pest Control Experts

The good news for residents and business owners in Glen Waverley is that VIP Pest Control is a local expert in all pest related matters. Having a certified pest control company with over 40 years of local experience assessing, investigating, managing and treating residential and commercial pest problems means that if you need professional pest services in Glen Waverley, you have access to the best in the business.

With a mixed geographical landscape of river flats, green hills and built up areas, Glen Waverley attracts many common Australian pests at different time of the year. For home and business owners, the sighting of pests or the discovery of an infestation within their home or business can be shocking and scary, but for the technicians at VIP Pest Control, we have seen it all!

It is our mission to eliminate any pest concern or potential for pests in properties in the Glen Waverley are and throughout the City of Monash in general.

Moving in to Glen Waverley?

Real Estate in Glen Waverley is highly sought after and the population growth in this area since 2010 has been steadily increasing. With the option of purchasing large estates on generous sized blocks, it is definitely worth undertaking a thorough and professional pest assessment to know if the home you are considering has any underlying pest problems.

Be pest wise and arrange a pre-purchase property inspection

VIP Pest Control has been offering the very best service using modern detection equipment for those looking to buy homes in Glen Waverley for many years.

Own a Business in Glen Waverley?

Talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives about scheduling regular pest inspections at your organisation. Whether you own a retail shop, café, bar, restaurant or any other commercial outlet, our general pest assessments are highly successful in avoiding pest infestations. Business owners in Glen Waverley have been trusting our discreet and specialised service for assessments and treatments of any unwanted pests.

Have a Residential Pest Problem in Glen Waverley?

Quick call outs and expert solutions are our priority at VIP Pest Control. We know how important a healthy, safe and sanitary home environment is to local residents and our knowledge will help to find and eliminate any uninvited creepy crawlies from your property.

Unlike some other pest control companies, we guarantee our treatments and products to give the ultimate peace of mind to all of our clients.

Don’t wait another day to get your Glen Waverley pest concerns sorted. Call VIP Pest Control.

2 Reviews

  • Lauren Posted August 10, 2017 4:32 AM

    We had a pest control service with VIP Pest Control last week, they are great. They delivered the service very quick, result is good and also sat down explaining the details of inspection report. We’d like to recommend VIP Pest Control to our friends:)

  • Evelyn Posted August 10, 2017 4:32 AM

    A huge thankyou to VIP Pest Control. I had been struggling with a massive ant infestation for a while. Their service and extremely cheap rates were wonderful. i would highly recommend VIP Pest Control as the best pest control company to deal with. Thanks VIP Pest Control.

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