Pest Control Bundoora

For pest control solutions in Bundoora, engage a professional that knows pests. Our pest control services include comprehensive treatment packages for residential and commercial pest control matters. We offer affordable services that will suit your needs and budget. We ensure that our solutions are tailored to your property and circumstances so that all pests are removed from your property completely.

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VIP Pest Control has over 20 years of experience!

We offer affordable pest control services in Bundoora that will suit your needs and budget. We ensure that our solutions are tailored to your property and circumstances so that all pests are removed from your property completely.

What Services VIP Pest Control Offers in Bundoora?

  • General pest control: We offer general pest control for all pest types anywhere throughout Bundoora at any time of year.
  • Pre-purchase inspections: Before you purchase a new property, remember to engage a pest controller to conduct an assessment and produce a complete report.
  • New home protection: If you are renovating your property, building a new home or have acquired a new home, we can apply comprehensive pest control treatment.
  • Termite inspections: Whether you own an old or new property, we can conduct comprehensive termite inspections.
  • Rodent control: Rodents and mice are nasty creatures that carry diseases. We provide both internal and external rodent control treatment.
  • Commercial Pest Control: At VIP Pest Control Bundoora, our team is specialized in commercial pest control solution.
  • Residential Pest Control: We offer safe & reliable residential pest control services in Bundoora.

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    How do We Make Your Bundoora Property Pest free?

    Here is a brief summary of how we remove pests from your property in Bundoora.

    • We locate the source of the pest infestation and target it with leading pest control products.
    • We understand that you might be aware of a pest coming from a particular area in your property. However, we check other places to ensure your property is fully controlled.
    • Our equipment and treatment solutions remove all types of pests, including termites and rodents.
    • Our treatment solutions eliminate pests for the long-term so that we treat your property less often.
    • If you sight any further pests after we have treated your home, we guarantee that we will come back to remove any remaining pests.

    Commercial Pest Control Bundoora

    It is important that your business premises does not harbour or house pests. Your employees and customers need to be kept safe while working and engaging with your business. We offer complete pest control treatment packages for commercial properties and can attend after-hours when the business is closed for the day.

    Domestic Pest Control Bundoora

    If you own an existing home in Bundoora, or are looking to purchase a property in Bundoora, we can conduct domestic pest control services. Treating pests in your home is necessary if you have occupants who are allergic, susceptible to being attacked by pests or fear the sight or sound of pests.

    Termite Control Treatment and Inspections Bundoora

    Termites are common in Bundoora, especially in properties with wooden structures. Whether you own an old or new property, we conduct comprehensive termite inspections for your peace of mind. We treat termites completely to ensure your property’s structural integrity is saved from further destruction.

    Rodent Control Bundoora

    Rodents and mice are nasty creatures living in Bundoora. We will assess your entire property to ensure we locate the nest or burrow and treat it accordingly. Rodents typically hide during the day and we take time to locate tracks, faeces and other indicators. We provide both internal and external rodent control treatment.

    How do We Carry Out our Pest Control Procedure?

    We follow a simple process to deliver an effective service.

    • Consult: Before we assess your property, we hold a preliminary meeting with you and any other key stakeholders to understand the pests invading your home or business. This helps us understand any specific factors that might be encouraging the pests to enter your property.
    • Assess: Following the consultation, we will visit your property and conduct an assessment in accordance with your instructions and our agreed scope of services. We ensure that we understand your property completely so that our treatments are applied in a targeted manner.
    • Application: Once we understand your property, the environment and your circumstances, we will treat your property with leading treatment products. Our treatments are very effective, and our pest controllers will advise you on everything you need to know following treatment.
    • Confirmation: We will contact you following treatment to check whether no pests remain. We guarantee our services and will attend to any follow-ups to ensure the pests have left your property completely. If you require any further assistance, we are happy to come out and review.

    Commercial & Residential Pest Inspections & Removal Services in Bundoora

    Whether you own a residential or commercial property in Bundoora, we can inspect, treat and remove pests. No pest is foreign to us and we take our time to effectively treat the source of the pests so that no new pests are born. Our services and response times are fast, allowing us to effectively treat your pest concern quickly, giving you peace of mind that your property is pest free.

    Your trusted experts for termite and pest control in Bundoora

    With over 40 years’ experience assisting home and business owners with pest control services, we know Bundoora’s pests! As one of the most reliable pest inspection companies in Bundoora, we have the experience and knowledge you need to complete the job quickly and maintain a pest-free environment at your home or business. For permanent, fast and effective pest control, engage a professional pest control service provider who has the right tools, treatments and experience to rid you home of pests.

    Pest Control Bundoora Price

    The cost of pest control services in Bundoora vary depending on the type of services you need. At VIP Pest Control, we offer various service packages from standalone treatments to complete property protection. Following our understanding of your needs and requirements, we will prepare a scope of works so that we can discuss our approach, price up the job and seek your confirmation before proceeding.

    • Professional team of experienced pest controllers who know pests well.
    • 40 years’ experience treating all pests in hard to reach places.
    • Equipped with up-to-date treatment products and equipment.
    • Undergo routine training to maintain current skills.
    • Ease to communicate with and the pest controllers follow instructions.
    • Pest controllers provide handy tips and useful advice.
    • Pest controllers are friendly and happy to assist and address your queries.
    • No task is too big or too small.
    • No location is too hard to reach.
    • Explain your pest control issue clearly to the pest controller for better response.
    • Make sure you provide easy access to all parts of your property for effective treatment.
    • Ensure someone is present at the property on the day of visitation.
    • Cooperate with the pest controller for a better outcome.
    • Always follow instructions from the pest controller following treatment.