Spiders – Control & Removal

SpidersRedback Spider
Easily identifiable by the unique red or orange stripe on its abdomen, the Redback spider is a mostly nocturnal creature that is not reported to be aggressive unless disturbed. They are usually reported building webs in dark dry, sheltered spaces.

Huntsman Spider
Huntsman spiders are long legged spiders that are mostly grey to brown in colour with banded legs. They prefer a terrestrial habitat, often opting to hang under loose bark on trees and in crevices on rock walls.

Black House Spider
The Black House Spider is identified by its dark brown to black carapaces and legs, along with its charcoal grey abdomen that contains a dorsal pattern of light markings. They are commonly found on tree trunks, logs, rock walls and buildings.

Wolf Spider
The Wolf spider comes in many different known species, ranging in size. Their bodies are made up of a variety of drab, patterned colours, including brown and yellow, and grey. The habitat for the Wolf spider tends to range from dry inland shrublands and woodlands, to wet coastal forests and alpine meadows.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider
Often found weaving characteristic sticky wheel shaped orb webs, the Garden Orb spider is reddish-brown or grey, with a leaf-shaped pattern on its seemingly triangular abdomen. It tends to spend a lot of its time preying on flies.

Brown Trapdoor Spider
Brown Trapdoor spiders are somewhat pest control experts themselves, being great controllers of garden pests. They tend to be a dull brown colour and covered in pale gold fine hairs.

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