7 Questions to Ask Termite Inspector

Termite inspectors have the skills and experience to remove termites from your home or business. Termites are crafty creatures that like to destroy properties whilst remaining hidden inside walls, within cavities and under floors. Since termites are hard to locate, special thermal technology and expertise is required to carefully source the termite nest and feeding area without making too many inspection holes in your property.

As noted in an earlier blog titled “How to Termite Proof Your Home?” we provided our readers with important information to help them termite proof their home. In addition to keeping your property clean, we recommended home and business owners regularly inspect their property and remove any materials that might breed termites. We also recommended regular visits by a qualified termite inspector so that the risk of a termite infestation was mitigated.

In this blog, we discuss 7 important questions to ask a termite inspector:

1. What attracts termites in the house?

Termites are attracted to cellulose materials, moist areas and parts of the property (i.e. foundations) that are close to soil. However, every property is different and termites at your property might have arrived because of other reasons. A termite inspector will identify the source of the breeding and help you understand the root cause of the infestation.

2. Are termites harmful to humans?

Whilst termites do not carry diseases, their presence might lead to allergic reactions if you come into contact with them. They can bite and sting too. Since there might be family, friends and pets living at your home, and employees working at your business, it is essential that you request the inspector treat the termites in a timely manner to prevent any harm to people or pets that reside within the property.

3. Why did termites come to my property?

Termites can start breeding at a property for a variety of reasons. They might have existed at the property at the time you purchased it, or have arrived at your property from a neighbouring property or from untreated materials or plants. A termite inspector should be able to identify the root cause.

4. Which types of materials are termite proof?

Based on the condition of your property and the materials used to construct it, it is worthwhile asking your termite inspector whether you could make any modification to the property to mitigate the risk of termites.

5. Will termites go away naturally?

Termites are unlikely to go away naturally because they need to eat to live. As they feed on your property, and slowly destroy it, they are going to breed more termites too. Have a termite inspector treat your property early before the destruction escalates.

6. Do supermarket products work?

Termite inspectors prefer to use commercial grade tools and products because they are guaranteed to provide long-term results. Whilst supermarket products might provide short-term relief, termites are crafty creatures and are likely to breed and feed at the places that you forgot treat.

7. Can you treat my property for termites?

A qualified and experienced termite inspector will be able to treat all properties, provided they have the right tools and products, no property is too big or too small to treat.

At VIP Pest Control, we have continued to satisfy our customers’ needs with effective and reliable termite control services. Our termite inspectors are capable of locating termites in your property as they are fully qualified and have years of experience. Once located, they will remove the termites without fuss. Call 1800 198 041 today!

Have you booked an inspection of your home with a termite inspector? Are you struggling to think of what to ask them? Share any queries that you might have in the comments section below.

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