Glen Waverley is a vibrant and rapidly populating area of Melbourne which is bounded by Dandenong Creek. Our local pest control technicians have inspected and treated hundreds of properties and businesses in the Glen Waverley district following up from bad DIY Pest control attempts by home and business owners.

With DIY pesticides so readily available in supermarkets and hardware stores it is no wonder Glen Waverley residents are taking pest control into their own hands.

But just as you wouldn’t attempt to install electrical cabling if you are not a trained electrician, you shouldn’t try to DIY with dangerous pesticides in your own work or business environments. Unless you are a qualified and licensed pest controller, you won’t know where pests live, their breeding and feeding habits or their life cycles.

Consider these most common problems with DIY Pest Control;


As many Glen Waverley residents and business owners have proven, DIY Pest Control can end up costing a lot more money than starting off with professional advice and treatment. Not only do DIY pest controllers pay for off-the-shelf products, once they see that pests are still present in their homes or businesses following their treatment, they then need to pay for professional, certified pest control inspections and treatments as well. It’s wise to go straight to the experts who know pests best.

Similar to wasting money, our Pest Control experts have seen the negative effects DIY pest control can have on pest problems, particularly with termites. Glen Waverley DIY pest controllers have shown that the time between their attempt to fix a pest problem, and then realising the situation needs professional attention can turn a potential pest problem into a severe infestation. The fact that Glen Waverley borders Dandenong Creek means that there is plenty of moisture in the soil, and this allows many pest species to thrive and hunt for food. It’s best to tackle a pest problem immediately and expertly.


Pesticides are ‘living creature killers.’ They come in the form of aerosols, solids or crystals and powders. Most people in the Glen Waverley area who try DIY pest control are not properly informed of the toxic and life threatening dangers to domestic pets and children which are embedded in the chemicals they loosely apply to an area they believe is pest infested.
These days, there are environmentally safe pesticides available but these are only safe when used correctly by trained pest control technicians. Knowing correct quantity, frequency and placement of these products is part of the pest control certification process, which is why leaving it to the professionals is the best choice.

If you do want to DIY Pest Control, the best you can do is take preventative steps to eliminate a pest problem in the first place. For some tips on how to eliminate the risk of pest infestation, read our blog article dealing with Doncaster’s most common pests.

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