With decades of professional experience in pest control in Doncaster and surrounding suburbs, the VIP Pest Control technicians have identified three pests as the most common to the Doncaster area. Before any of these pests become a problem in your home or business environment, consider some of our helpful DIY pest control tips.

1. Roof Rats

The leafy green suburb of Doncaster provides plenty of bushland for these rodents to thrive. In the cooler months, roof rats tend to enter properties through window gaps or eaves and create homes in the warmth of roofs and attics. Roof rats are pests which can reproduce all year round and can hoard food supplies like seeds, fruit and nuts for long periods of time. Many reports in and around the Doncaster area of electrical faults and wiring issues can be traced to roof rat infestations.

The most noticeable signs of a roof-rat infestation are; visual sightings of a rodent, small droppings near food sources, electrical problems as well as audible light scampering sounds at night time.
The best ways to prevent roof-rat pests in Doncaster are;

– Screen all vents and windows

– Trim back all high tree branches which surround your property to avoid ease of access (these rodents are known for their climbing ability, so reducing the entry points is essential)

Call Pest control experts as soon as you think you might have a rodent pest problem to assess, treat and guarantee a pest free environment.

2. Termites

With the abundance of trees, timber and moisture in Doncaster and surrounding suburbs, termites have become one of the most common local pests. These pests are known as ‘silent destroyers’ because their feeding ability has the tenacity to cause costly damage to household foundations and furniture.
Although termites are always a threat, you can reduce the risk of a termite infestation by;

– Eliminating moisture; repair any leaking faucets or air-conditioning units. Keep all gutters and drains clear of leaves and waste and remove all standing water.

– Removing food sources from the foundation of your property. All timber, firewood and paper products should be placed aside.

– Checking all decking and timber fencing regularly for signs of hollowing, cracked or bubbling paint, or swarms of winged insects around soil.

3. Cockroaches

These common pests are most vile because they are commonly found near waste deposits or near kitchens where food is present. Doncaster, like most Melbourne suburbs is not immune to cockroach infestations in homes and businesses all year round. Typically, the sighting of one cockroach indicates that many more are festering in cracks, crevices and warm places around the property, which is why controlling these pests needs to be done immediately and effectively.

When it comes to these pests, eradicating them is best done by professional Pest Control technicians, but you can try to prevent cockroach infestations by;

– Sealing food sources and removing crumbs and food residue from the outside of containers.

– Keeping floors and surfaces well cleaned and free of food particles

– Screening doors and windows and ensuring no gaps are present when possible.

To get expert advice as to whether your property needs a pest inspection by a trained and accredited Pest Control technician, call VIP Pest Control today on
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