In Castlemaine and surrounding regional suburbs of Victoria, conditions went from mild Autumn to severe Winter temperatures virtually overnight, causing some extreme cases of pest infestation. Reports from the VIP Pest Control Bendigo bookings office indicate that a significant increase in pest control call-outs were scheduled from June 1st 2016 compared to previous years, particularly for rodent infestations. In addition, Melbourne Pest control companies confirmed that the sudden drop in temperature brought about a surprising number of rodent infestations in inner suburbs like Brunswick.

Why has a sudden cold snap created pest problems in homes and businesses?

Like humans, rodents and other pests feel the cold and do all they can to keep themselves and their colonies warm and protected. Rooves and warm areas behind machinery or storage spaces are the perfect place for rodents to take shelter, and this Winter they are definitely not shy to call Castlemaine residences their temporary homes.

Which pests are most likely to seek warmth in properties during cold weather?

Bed Bugs, spiders and rodents are the most reported Winter pests in Victoria.

What are the best ways to prevent pests entering our home or workplace in Winter?

– Keeping tree branches trimmed back makes accessing your roof a lot tricker, so it is advised to prune trees and keep gutters clear during the colder months.
– Blocking gaps and cracks around your property is crucial to prevent small creatures from entering.
– Making sure the perimeter if your property is tidy, with all rubbish sealed and binned will help to deter unwanted pests.
– Ensure that bed linen is cleaned and changed regularly to avoid bed bug build up. Sometimes, washing with a small amount of disinfectant liquid can help to deter bed bugs.
– Take extra measures to seal boxes and items in storage spaces, as these often become ideal shelter spots for rodents.

What are the warning signs that Winter Pests are present in my property?

– Rodent droppings along skirting boards
– Sounds of scattering claws, especially at night time
– Interruption or apparent problems with electricals or wiring, which may indicate that rodents are gnawing through cables in the roof
– Bed bugs will be noticeable by red itchy bites on the body.
– Spider webs and trails are obvious signs of spider problems.

In Castlemaine and surrounding areas of Victoria, residents should spend some time on cold Winter days inspecting and tidying their properties to ensure shelter-seeking pests are not present in their space. Not only can these pests cause property damage, they can be harmful to a person’s health and cause unhygienic living conditions.

The best solution to eradicating Winter pests from your Castlemaine home or business, is to call in local pest professionals. Pest control technicians understand the needs and behaviours of various pests, so they can treat them effectively, the very first time.

For quick, guaranteed pest infestation treatments, contact VIP Pest Control Immediately on 03 5427 3093.

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