Surrounded by bushland, parks and creeks, Wantirna is indeed an area where common pests like rodents, cockroaches, bees, silverfish and termites tend to infiltrate. Although DIY Pest control is a tempting option, employing an accredited professional pest control company in Wantirna and surrounding suburbs is highly recommended to get rid of pests quickly and effectively.

The process of becoming a Health Department Accredited Pest Control Company is lengthy and involves intense certification training and practice, so whether you are looking for the best pest control company for your household or business in Wantirna and surrounding suburbs, choosing certified professionals like VIP Pest Control to take care of the job offers valuable benefits.

1. Knowledge and Understanding of local Pests – VIP’s Licensed Pest Control technicians undergo training in identification of a wide variety of common Australian Pests. It is often the case that in a given area like Wantirna, the same pests tend to penetrate households and businesses. VIP Pest Control technicians in Wantirna and nearby suburbs are experienced in managing the cycles and behaviours of the local pests and will be able to share their knowledge and advice with you.

2. Safe handling of Pesticides and Chemicals
– Accredited Pest control companies are well practiced in fumigation and / or application of necessary pesticides in order to eradicate the pest problem. In the wrong hands, these chemicals can be extremely dangerous and are definitely not recommended. Wantirna is home to many children and family pets who should not be exposed to potential risks from pesticides or other pest control chemicals, which is why only licenced technicians from an accredited pest control company should be called in to do the job safely and with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

3. Record Keeping – Accredited Pest Control companies are required by law to keep detailed records of their on-site findings and course of treatment. These records can be useful when creating pest management plans for ongoing pest control problems, especially termites. VIP offers regular follow up inspections if required, and provide reports and professional advice based on clear record keeping.

4. Professional Conduct
– Obviously, the nature of pest control management services is one which needs to be handled discreetly and efficiently, especially where businesses are concerned. The accreditation process educates pest control technicians to carry out their duty with this in mind. The suburb of Wantirna thrives on its local shops, restaurants and cafes, so in the unfortunate event that pests show up, local business owners would want to rely on professional pest control conduct at all times.

Clearly, Pest Control is an industry where time and knowledge are the most important factors. DIY Pest control in a leafy and moist area like Wantirna may end up delaying an effective treatment solution and costing more money in the long run. Call in a Health Department accredited Pest Control Company like VIP Pest Control as soon as pests appear, for the best choice in pest control management.

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