Why Pest Control Is Important In The Bendigo And Melbourne Food Industry

Pests are naturally drawn toward food. We have all had a BBQ ruined by a pesky pest at some point or another. Thankfully, when it comes to controlling insects while at a BBQ, it is relatively easy to keep them at bay with off the shelf solutions.

But when it comes to larger areas, like food manufacturing sites, the problem becomes a little more complex. You need to find a local Pest Control removal company to treat the pest as soon as possible, but you also need to ensure that only the proper treatment and procedures are carried out to prevent damage to food or stock.

The food industry is one of the most vulnerable sectors, so you can see why it is imperative to maintain high levels of food safety. Pests carry a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that can be dangerous for your health as consumers. They are also a threat to the health of the staff involved in the processing and handling of food.

What types of pests are hazardous to the food industry in Bendigo and Melbourne?

The types of pests vary as per the geography, climate and the food ingredients processed. However, some pests found commonly across a majority of food industries are rodents, cockroaches, flies and wasps in particular.

Wasps –

One of the worst wasps in the world, the European wasp, is harmful to people, our outdoor lifestyle, and our horticultural and agricultural industries. They forage for human food and drink and pet food, causing a nuisance and a health concern. They damage horticultural crops like grapes and stone fruits and prey on bees in managed apiaries, impacting the industry greatly.

In particular, many wineries in Victoria are regularly treated by VIP Pest Control using Vespex, a trusted European Wasp Attractant Lure. VIP Pest Control is one of Victoria’s few wasp removal experts to have this accreditation.

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Flies –

Different types of flies are known to be the carriers of over 100 harmful pathogens. They usually breed in decaying garbage and moist unclean environments and then move to fresh food, manufacturing and processing equipment and other workstations, thus contaminating them by spreading disease-causing bacteria.

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Rodents –

Rodent control is a major problem that the food industry faces even today. Rodents include rats and mice. You can identify a possible rodent infestation through signs such as visual sightings, gnawing sounds, droppings, gnawing of wires and insulation and urine stains. They nest close to food sources and are known for their rapid breeding capacity.

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Cockroaches – 

They are known to be the carriers of 6 kinds of parasitic worms, 7 kinds of human pathogens and at least 33 kinds of bacteria. They also have a knack for hiding in small crevices and are known for their varied diet and rapid reproduction capacity. They pick up debris and germs on their legs while crawling through sewage and other unclean places, which are then transferred to food, work stations, and food processing equipment, thus increasing the chances of contamination.

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Additionally, pests such as beetles, wasps, moths and other insects can also wreak havoc within your food premises.

The importance of pest control for food industry businesses 

Among regular daily concerns, all food premises are exposed to pest problems at times, which is why you need a pest control expert in Melbourne or Bendigo.

Prevention and treatment are crucially important as there are multiple ways pests can jeopardise your food industry business, from contamination of products to when a customer sees a pest in the kitchen, dining tables or signs of pests around their meals. Your reputation is at stake, not to mention the loss of revenue and customers.

Wasp treatment and prevention in the food industry

To maintain Victoria’s desired and regulated food safety standards, proper pest management in the food industry is of paramount importance.

Failing to ensure adequate pest management measures are in place can lead to regulatory actions, significant product loss, and a reputation nightmare.

The money spent on pest management is most likely to provide excellent returns in the form of reduced threat of product loss and enhanced consumer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Whether you have a pest infestation problem or require a preventative solution, trust the experts at VIP Pest Control. We offer a wide range of services, preventative maintenance support and treatment for your site.

Contact us today on 1800 198 041.

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