The Importance of Annual Termite Inspection

The Importance of Annual Termite Inspection

  • How are termites identified? Early Signs of a Termite Problem
  • The Risks of Termites
  • VIP Pest Control Termite Inspection
  • What do our Annual Termite Inspections include
  • Why Are Annual Termite Inspections Important?
  • Trust VIP Pest Control for Annual Termite Inspections

An annual inspection is one of the best ways to prevent your home from being damaged by termites. A VIP Pest Control professional will comprehensively examine every inch of your home, interior and exterior, to determine if they are present, what conditions are enabling them, and how we can help remove and prevent them. We offer an extensive range of services for pest control Bendigo-wide, Melbourne-wide, and regional Victoria.

Why are annual inspections so necessary? Let us explain.

How are termites identified?

The first sign of an infestation should prompt you to call us immediately. Experts estimate that more than three hundred species of termites exist in Australia. As for your home, approximately twelve have been deemed destructive; these include subterranean, drywood and dampwood. It is pertinent to note that this classification is due to the extensive structural damage and financial repercussions caused by these twelve species in residential properties. As a result of their similar appearance to ants, it is understandable that homeowners often mistake the two and delay contacting us for pest control services. Although the insect will visibly change throughout their lifespan, they are commonly known to be brown, have six legs, a tube-shaped body and are approximately one centimetre long.

Early Signs of a Termite Problem

Early detection of termite damage is the most effective method for preventing costly repairs. If you are searching for information on signs for ‘termites Melbourne’, we’ve covered you with some things to look for. The walls and floor showing signs of hollowing out indicate the damage these insects are causing to the structure. Damage may present visually as the flooring blistering, similar to water damage. Due to the honeycomb structure created by the termites hollowing out, the timber may also produce an empty sound. A further indication is mud tubes where the ground meets the house. To continue feeding on your home, termites construct tunnels underground that maintain a specific temperature and humidity level.

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The Risks of Termites

The risk associated with a termite infestation can be huge if left untreated. Even though you may only see minor indications of pests in your home, there may be a great deal of damage inside the structure.

Physical damage is not the only consequence of an infestation; they also cause a foul odour in your home. The smell comes from the faecal pellets left behind, which cause the unpleasant smell and may cause your walls to blister and discolour. It is essential not to delay taking action if any of these factors occur. The longer you wait, the more serious the repairs and clean-up will be. We provide services for pest control Melbourne-wide and can assist you every step of the way.

VIP Pest Control Termite Inspection

When we arrive, we will begin the inspection by examining timber structures for the presence of termites and assess the condition of the building and areas of the property that may make your home more susceptible to pests. If these insects are present on your property, we can determine the extent of the damage, the species present and how they gain access. Our team will be able to identify what type of treatment is required to eliminate the termites and protect the property from further damage.

Based on this information, we will develop a management plan. This plan considers the extent of activity, any identifiable damage, building access and condition, and the surrounding area. Generally, this will include inspections and treatments to protect your property.

What do our Annual Termite Inspections include:

  • Our team will inspect the home’s interior to assess for any visible signs of termite activity or areas that may be susceptible to the activity.
  • If the subfloor is accessible, we will inspect the supporting structure, flooring, and drainage.
  • An inspector will pay close attention to the areas surrounding the house as they are looking for possible entry points, concealed entry points, and drainage concerns.
  • Our qualified inspectors will check the surrounding building’s location for unsuitable environmental conditions that promote the growth and reproduction of termites.
  • For all safe and accessible roof spaces, we will inspect each timber member from end to end.

Why Are Annual Termite Inspections Important?

The condition of one’s property can change due to seasonal changes or renovations in the home or garden. These changes can make your property go from being safeguarded against pests to being ideal for them.

Homeowners may be unable to access specific locations, such as roof spaces or the subfloor, but our inspectors can manoeuvre these often-tight spaces.

Although general inspections are recommended around the home, if there are crawl spaces home to termites, we might not be aware of the problem until it is too late. Our inspectors will assess and treat these areas and locate any problematic or high-risk locations on the property. These inspections cannot only solve any current problems the property is facing but act as a preventative for possible future issues. Our inspectors can locate high-risk or problem areas and advise you on ways to fix them to avoid any potential termite activity or damage.

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Trust VIP Pest Control for Annual Termite Inspections

Whether you are experiencing termite problems or looking for prevention management, our team of experts are here to help.

As specialists in termite control, we offer an extensive range of services, including inspections, proofing of new homes, treatment of existing homes, and pre-purchase inspections for timber posts. Our quality termite treatments are environmentally friendly, safe, and comply with all relevant Australian standards, making VIP Pest Control one of Melbourne’s leading pest control companies.

Our team of trained and fully accredited professionals offers efficient, high-quality, and competitively priced services for domestic and commercial properties. For the pest control company Melbourne homeowners trust, call us today on 1800 198 041.

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