Nestled between park land and the Maribyrnong River, Keilor is a mainly residential suburb of Melbourne which has experienced a significant increase in pest problems in recent years. The A-K list below unearths some truths and tips for residents of Keilor and surrounding suburbs.

A Ants are a common pest in Keilor which cause nuisance in both residential and commercial properties. Seduced by crumbs, rubbish and residues ants have no trouble entering through wall cracks, gaps and unsealed door frames. Professional pest technicians have multiple ways to tackle recurring ant problems.

B bugs and Beetles of many varieties are often the cause of pest control call-outs in Keilor and surrounding suburbs. From Earwigs, which can damage ornaments, to silverfish which prefer moist and warm conditions and are known to ruin books and paintings, these pests are never nice to spot around your home. The general rule is, if you see one, there will be more close by.

C Certified Pest Controllers are the only type of pest technicians you should call upon when you need the right assessment, local knowledge and results guaranteed.

D DIY prevention is recommended but DIY Pest Control is NOT. Taking measures to keep your property well secured against pests is the best way to minimise an infestation. Trying to deal with pests once they become a problem should be left to the experts, who have the tools and know-how to treat pests with the correct, family friendly products.

E Emergency Pest Management needs to be handled as soon as hygiene or safety become a real concern. Don’t hesitate to call your local expert for advice immediately.

F FLeas are a huge problem in Keilor and surrounding suburbs, and usually the family pet is to blame. Vacuum all carpets, floors and furniture, dispose of the vacuum bag outdoors, then treat your affected pet for fleas. If the problem persists, a professional pest technician will be able to offer effective treatment options.

G Green Products are now being used by most professional companies in Melbourne. These environmentally friendly products can be used safely around children, pets, pregnant women and plant life.

H Home Inspections or Pre-Purchase termite inspections should be carried out by local pest professionals. Keilor has had hundreds or termite reports in the past, and whether you are looking to buy, or just wanting to keep your home protected, regular termite inspections by experienced technicians are beneficial and highly recommended.

I Identification is the most essential part of treating a pest problem. Well trained and certified pest controllers know the traits, patterns, lifecycles and intricacies of many common and uncommon pests.

J June & July being the colder months, see increases in termite, bed bug, rodent, ant and beetle infestations in homes and businesses in Keilor and surrounding suburbs. Be sure to seek expert advice if you think your property may be affected.

K Know who to call by speaking to local professionals and gaging their experience, knowledge and treatment guarantees.

Browse our FAQ’s to answer other general questions you may have. With over 40 years of experience operating in Keilor, the VIP Pest Control Team can assist with any pest issue.

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