Termite Treatment Using Termidor

How to Do a Termite Treatment with Termidor?

The truth is these days termite control products abound. But deciding which one is the best answer to your termite problems usually leads you to Termidor. Termite treatment using Termidor has rapidly become the most popular termite solution in Melbourne and allover Australia.

Termidor consists of a revolutionary new non-repellent or “undetectable” chemical. Time and time again, Termidor has turned out to to be 100% effective in eliminating termites. Some studies show that even after as many as nine years have passed after a Termidor treatment for termites, there are no signs of reinfestation! No other termite control product can make this sort of claim.

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TERMIDOR IS Extremely Effective

Termidor is truly in a class all by itself. There is pretty much no other termite control product available today that works like this chemical does.

You see, the termites can’t detect it so they simply can’t avoid it. They are unable to see it or smell it or taste it, it is totally undetectable! Termidor kills termites in many different ways.
When the termites eat it, they die. But Termidor doesn’t stop at that. Termidor also kills the termites on contact.

Termidor’s unique “Transfer Effect™” makes it far superior to other undetectable liquids.
Any termite that ingests or even comes into contact with Termidor, becomes a “carrier”, and will now transfer the Termidor to all the other termites. These termites now become secondary carriers, transferring Termidor to every termite that they contact – and this goes on right throughout the colony. Because Termidor is slow-acting, which gives them plenty time to spread it to the entire nest. Usually within 3 months there is 100% eradication.

Is Termidor Safe?

Termidor is applied at very low rates. The active ingredient (fipronil) is just 0.06% of the solution, which is way lower than most insecticides. For a home treatment, only 8 ounces of the active ingredient are used. Termidor also has almost no odor. There really is no better choice for termite control than Termidor.

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