Building and Termite Inspections Melbourne

Termites enjoy feeding of wooden items, especially when water is around too. VIP Pest Control were called to assist a family when a bathroom left unattended during a holiday was infiltrated by swarming termites.

The family were in shock and immediately engaged us to treat the termites, identify the source of the infestation and recommend steps to repair their bathroom. Marc, a pest controller in our team, performed the inspection in a safe and secure manner to ensure the termites did not populate a different area in the property.

Marc’s inspection revealed that the bathroom had a water leak behind the vanity unit. The internal pressure pipe for the cold-water tap had a pinhole leak which caused a slow drip of water onto the wooden frame that was supporting the pipe. As the waster escaped and ponded on the wooden beam, the damp and humid environment was perfect for termites to feed and breed. When the family went on holiday, the termites multiplied and ate their way through the vanity unit and into the bathroom.

Our first action was to securely remove all termites. We then applied our treatment using our latest tools for a targeted and effective application. We used our Termatrac infrared device to ensure any termites living within the walls of the bathroom were found and destroyed. Following treatment, we recommended the family engage a professional plumber and carpenter to repair the pressure pipe and wooden structure respectively. While termites are a worry, the issue can be resolved if the correct people are engaged.

Following treatment and acting on our advice, we recommended the family engage us to conduct a complete termite inspection. We also called upon the services of a plumber to ensure all plumbing services were appropriately maintained to avoid further infiltrations.

While termites often do not make their presence known, they are thrifty and will eat through any and all cellulose materials within reach. Ensure your property is appropriately maintained to resist, destroy and block termites.

Termites love wood and water. This is the best environment for a feeding frenzy! Ensure that all water services are maintained and not leaking. Treat all wooden fixtures appropriately to prevent infestations. For further help, call us on 1800 198 041.

building and termite inspection melbourne

Building and Termite Inspections Melbourne

Building & Termite Inspections in Melbourne, VIC

Termite inspections in Melbourne are a vital part of your termite prevention agenda. Termites can truly be horrible pests in a home. They cause a massive amount of damage and cost you a lot of money. They can make a home unsafe, even to the point of being uninhabitable.

Before they are able to make this type of damage, you should catch them. This is where termite inspections services offer will help. This gives you the chance to catch them early and to get rid of them while their numbers are small. By doing this, you can have a safer home and save yourself from the expenses later on.

This is something that every homeowner should do regularly to ensure that the home is termite-free.

Termite Inspections Prevent Damage

Damage caused by termites can become expensive. As they destroy the structure of your home, you are going to have to spend more and more. This is not something small or simple, either. Structural damage is costly, incredibly so. If you do not have the money to repair this type of damage, your home is going to be dangerous.

On top of those dangers, there is also the fact that these are annoying and messy pests. While that may not be the worst of it, it can still cause problems in your everyday life and make it harder for you to enjoy your time inside of the house.

Termite inspections Melbourne will give you the chance to avoid these dangers and issues. This gives you an inside look at your walls and helps you to understand what is happening.

For more severe termite problems, you will be able to create a plan before going forward. This is vital if you want to be sure that your efforts are effective. You will also be able to avoid dangers and issues that arise when going into this blind, along with being able to know where to work.

Professional Termite Inspection in Melbourne

To ensure that this is done in a professional manner, you should reach out to a professional. This gives you the chance to make sure that the work is done well and that the results are informative. When having an inspection performed, you need to be able to trust what is being done. You need to know that the results are the truth.

Without this knowledge, you may make mistakes when going forward and you may not be able to make the difference that you had hoped to make. This will not help you when trying to get rid of the termites.

After the termite inspection services offer, you will be able to do the work necessary. You will be able to get rid of the termites and have the required knowledge to do so. You will know the damage caused by the termites as well as how to get rid of them, making it easier to do quality work.

With this information, you can be sure that the termites will be gone quickly and that you can restore whatever you need to. If you do this early enough, the damage should be easily repairable. Call us on 1800 198 041 to book an inspection.

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