Termite Inspection in Ferntree Gully, VIC

Termites are silent destroyers of our homes. Not much is safe, as they can eat house foundations, your furniture from the inside out, shelves and even books. There are 350 species in Australia but only 30 are considered to be pests. So it is essential that you do a termite inspection Ferntree Gully.

Because they are so difficult to detect, the homeowner may find termite infestations too late. For this reason it is important to regularly inspect home and property before the termites can do any serious damage to your property.


Arrange regular inspections with VIP Pest Control once or twice a year. Termite Inspection Ferntree Gully should take place when the termites are most active, in late summer or early spring.

We specialize in termite control including pre-purchase timber pest inspections, termite inspections, termite proofing of new homes and termite treatments on established homes.

Termite Inspection Ferntree Gully

Call VIP Pest Control for Termite Inspection Ferntree Gully  to treat timber to prevent termite attack on your possessions.

If, after inspection, termites are found, we use environmentally friendly insecticides.


To help prevent termite infestation keep your home and property clear of clutter, including your garden beds. Remove wood and place timber form work away from buildings.

If wood is used in the construction of your home and is in contact with the soil it should be treated or naturally resistant timber.

As termites like humidity, and are attracted to water, make sure you fix leaking water pipes and capture drips from air-conditioning units.

If you are about to build your house make sure the concrete slab is correctly designed, because termites cannot chew through properly laid concrete.

Call VIP Pest Control today for Termite Inspection Ferntree Gully to keep your home investment safe and termite free.

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