Termite Inspection in Boronia, Victoria

Boronia possesses a beautiful natural, green backdrop of the hills and the Dandenong Ranges National Park. So we can be sure there are many locations where termites are carrying out their business turning cellulose into protein. When they are in their natural habitat, away from urban areas, they are an important part of the food chain and provide food for many creatures.

However, as we know too well, when those small, blind termites are living too close to our homes they may decide that where we live is as good a food source as any other.

Termite Inspection Boronia

How do these blind worker termites actually select their food? They can’t see it or smell it. But it seems that they can analyse if a block of wood is large or small, or if it is attached to another type of material. This research is being carried out by CSIRO in partnership with the University of New South Wales.

Researchers suggest the termites are reacting to a frequency, so they are attempting to find ways to fool the termites into thinking the wood is not worth the bother of taking the first bite in the first place. This will depend on detecting and selecting the right signal that will block the termites before they take the first bite.

But, you the homeowner can’t wait. You want to protect your home from termites now! Call for Termite Inspection Boronia and we will come and check your home and garden for the presence of these voracious insects.

If we find them, VIP Pest Control can suggest various ways to get rid of termites and protect your property.

There are various ways of defending your home. One is to create barriers to prevent the termites from entering in the first place. These are usually put in place when a house is newly constructed or can be retrofitted. A barrier can be physical or chemical – VIP Pest Control can help you decide.

If the infestation has progressed, there are remedial treatments to save your home. Call for Termite Inspection Boronia to assess the type and degree of the infestation and VIP Pest Control will advise you on saving and protecting your home from further attack.

Call VIP Pest Control on 1800 198 041 today for the best Termite Inspection in Boronia, Victoria.

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