One in three homes in Australia will be affected by termites at some stage. Termites can be found in every suburb of Melbourne and throughout all of Victoria.

Subterranean termites, also known as ‘white ants’, are by far the most destructive timber pests in Australia and all too often, the presence of these silent invaders goes undetected until damage is discovered by chance by the home owner. Termites are very destructive and the damage they cause can be devastating and expensive to repair.

To give you peace of mind and avoid the need for extensive (and costly!) repairs, the CSIRO recommends annual termite inspections by an experienced Timber Pest Inspector. Termite inspections come with a comprehensive report informing you, the home owner, about areas affected by or conducive to termite attack and recommendations on how best to correct the problems found. Further to regular structural pest inspections, pre-purchase and pre-sale termite inspections are also a must.

The risk of termite infestation can be reduced by adhering to the following:

– Termite inspections should be carried out every 6-12 months. This will increase the chance of early detection before termites cause major damage
– Rectify all plumbing leaks and areas of water build up. If your hot water system over flow pipe drips against the exterior wall, place a hose on the end for redirection away from the home
– If the home is on a concrete slab, ensure the complete slab edge is visible for inspection
– If the home has timber flooring, ensure the sub floor area is well ventilated and remove all scrap timber and form work. Do not store cellulose materials in the sub floor
– Ensure all external soil levels are well below the damp course level
– Timber landscaping should use timber that is not susceptible to termite attack
– Have a professional termite-proof your home using one of the methods detailed below

Your property is likely to be your greatest investment, so it makes sense to protect it. Termite prevention is an important consideration when renovating, extending or purchasing a property and can be achieved using any one or a combination of the following methods:

– Home Guard permanent termite barriers
– Plasmite Reticulation System
– Chemical soil treatments using Bifenthrin

VIP Pest Control specialises in Termite Inspection, Control and Prevention – call us today on 1800 198 041 to organise your termite inspection!

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