Termatrac Termite Detection Uses A Detection Radar

The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar gives off a microwave signal specifically calibrated for the detection of termites. The signals are then processed to produce detailed information concerning the nature of the signal disturbance; as a result the Termite Detection Radar has been tuned to the precise movements of any object shaped like a Termite.

The termatrac termite detection radar penetrates dense material in walls, ceilings, floors and furniture,as well as timber, plaster, cement sheet, tiles, concrete, vinyl, carpet and other building materials. When the microwave signal is interrupted by the movement of termites, the screen of the device will alert the operator to the fact that termites are present. The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar, although advanced is still very easy to use.

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Termite Detection Radar Technology – The Benefits:

The Termatrac termite detection radar system is very accurate. This device detects termites through walls without the need for destroying the walls and so you can avoid expensive building damage. This of course saves loads of time and money for the Pest Control Technician, and is way more convenient, and pleasing for you as a home owner.

No More guess-work in Termite detection

The radar makes it possible to identify the precise locations of termites in your home or business place which also improves the accuracy of chemical treatments and further reduces the quantity and cost. Termatrac termite detection radar also ensures far more accurate detection of termites and successful treatments, which will greatly reduce costly warranty service call-backs and related overheads for your pest control experts and as such will cost you less.


The Termatrac Termite Detection Radar is designed to operate within the EMC regulations. It produces far lower microwave emissions than a mobile phone and this power is diverted away from the operator.

A vast number of Pest Control Companies rely on Termite Detection Radar worldwide, among the countries that use this
effective termite detection method are: USA, Australia, France, Spain, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

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