Subterranean Termites Treatment

Kelly and Ross engaged us early when they sought advice from our Local Pest Control team on their new build. During the process of planning and designing their new property, neighbours and the council advised them that termites were present in the area.

Given their property had not been built, they were unsure about what steps they could take to prevent termite infestations. They engaged a pest controller to provide targeted, accurate and comprehensive advice.

They knew that their house would be constructed on a concrete slab, and the frame would be constructed using treated wood. When Kelly approached us, we recommended a new technology. Home Guard-impregnated sheeting is the fastest and most effective way to treat a new build for termites. The sheeting is attached to the edge of the concrete slab and fits perfectly to last a lifetime. This stops nasty and crafty termites from entering the structure of your property from the earth surrounding the edge of the concrete slab.

This new technology provides precision termite management and control. The special polymer composition, with added properties that resist subterranean termites found in Australia, acts as a layer of defence against destructive pests. Kelly and Ross were pleased to know that this innovative solution would repel, kill, and block foraging termites for the life of the property. Our advice provided the comfort they needed as they built the home they desired without the worry of pests destroying it.

subterranean termites australia

Subterranean Termites

In addition to our recommendation, we also advised the couple that ongoing pest control treatment is ideal for keeping pests out. Since winged termites fly, they can spread their larvae and populate in unexpected areas of the property.

We recommended regular pest control visit, inspections of wooden features and plumbing maintenance to ensure all water services were sealed. The combination of HomeGuard impregnated sheeting and preventative treatment would provide complete protection to the newly built property.

Protect your new property with HomeGuard impregnated sheeting. This is a quick and effective way to protect your home from Subterranean termites and it lasts a lifetime! Contact us today to learn more.

To find out more about our termite control services in Melbourne, call us today on 1800 198 041.

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