Pest Control Professionals know that Spring time in Melbourne marks a very active time of year for many household pests; in particular, ants, spiders and creepy crawlies. During the cooler months, many pests lay dormant in crevices, cracks and hidden in gutters until the first hints of spring sun come through, and then they literally come out of the woodwork looking for food, and new places to hunt and gather.

VIP Pest Control’s annual reports, which span decades, indicate that the highest number of emergency pest control or pest infestation call outs happen between September and November every year. There is no doubt that Spring is the busiest time of year for qualified pest control companies in Melbourne.

The best thing to do is choose to beat the pests, and arrange a Spring pest prevention visit. Not only will an experienced pest control technician provide the most suitable products to protect your property and environment from the likelihood of different pests appearing, but he will be able to offer advice moving into the warmer months on ways you can continue to reduce the chance of unwanted bugs, flying insect and spiders from calling your home their home too.

Not only are preventative pest control call outs a wise choice, they can often save you money by eliminating the need for an urgent and more costly pest treatment service.

Now that you are getting started on Spring Cleaning your household clutter and superfluous possessions, make the best decision for your health, and maintenance of your home by scheduling a Spring Pest Clean as well.

VIP Pest Control are known for their superior service, treatment and investigative skills for all pest related matters. If you want the job done right the first time, safeguard your home with a visit from one of VIP’s experienced team members.

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