There are several species of harmless spiders in Australia such as the Huntsman and the Daddy Long Legs. Unfortunately, Australia is also home to many species of poisonous spiders including the Funnel Web, Redback, Mouse, Wolf and Whitetail spider.

Although spider bite deaths are rare in Australia, there are many cases of reported serious illness and physical injury resulting from spider bites. Safety is the one reason to consider spider control services and avoiding unsightly spider webs which gather dust is another.

To reduce your risk of spider infestation, ensure all food is sealed in containers, remove rubbish from your garden and remove spider webs where visible. If you observe spiders in your home and are feeling concerned, it is important to contact spider control professionals who can inspect your property and identify the breed of spider and the level of infestation.

If spider control is required, treatment will be dependent on the type of spider infestation. For web-spinning spiders, the spiderwebs themselves are sprayed, so it is important to leave these in place for several weeks to allow the treatment to work. For nomadic spiders like the Huntsman and the Whitetail, treatment usually involves the spraying of a safe synthetic pesticide dust to indoor cornices and skirtings, roof cavities, around external window and door areas, gutters, verandahs, and under the building if accessible. We strongly recommend spraying these ground dwelling spiders with a spray can pesticide if you happen to catch sight of them, as this is the surest method of spider control for these nomadic varieties.

Premise vacation during professional spider control is not always required – your technician will advise you if you are required to leave the house during misting.

It is important to note also that spiders will not bite unless provoked and are an integral part of the ecosystem, being natural predators of smaller biting insects. Therefore, we do not recommend spider treating parts of the garden such as vegetable patches.

Call VIP Pest Control on 1800 198 041 at the first sign of spider infestation – we cover all of Melbourne from Croydon to Macedon and cover the entire Knox region. We can rid you of your unwanted guests and help you prevent the spiders returning in future.

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