Six Benefits of a Pest Free Home

It goes without saying that pests are, more often than not, unwelcomed guests in a home.

For many, they are a cause of stress and anxiety. They can make guests uncomfortable and can make homeowners or occupiers feel like they are living in a dirty home.

Whether you are an owner-cum-occupant or an investor with tenants living in your property, there are a wide range of benefits to ensure that your property is pest free.

At VIP Pest Control, we offer dependable and safe pest control services to homes and businesses throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our highly educated and completely authorised specialists have the expertise needed to permanently solve your pest problems.

So, without further ado, here are six benefits of a pest free home…

Make Your House a Home

If there is one way to ensure that your property feels unwelcomed and uninviting, it is to allow it to become a home for pests.

As an owner occupier, you want to ensure that your home is a safe place for your family and your guests and as a tenant, you certainly don’t want to be paying top dollar in rent for a house that’s infested with pests.

If you are a property investor, your rental income will take a serious hit if you do not take steps to protect your property from pest infestation.

By keeping your property pest free, you ensure that your property will be a fit for purpose home for your family or your tenants. Pest-free properties are not safe spaces for your family and your tenants, but they are also huge growth drivers for business.

Reduce Your Illness Risk

Invading bugs bring illnesses and germs with them.

A fly, ant, or moth entering your house might have a negative impact on your and your family’s health. Lyme disease, Salmonella, and viral Meningitis are just a few of the diseases that can spread thanks to these pests. However, this is avoidable by installing basic measures such as outside shades or fly screens.

Parasites can also be a big problem, as are lice, fleas, ticks, and worms, all of which are widespread in Australia.

These parasites are commonly spread by mice, rats, and a variety of insects. Ensuring that these pests do not enter your home will help safeguard the health and wellness of your family or tenants in the long term, so taking some preventative measures will be extremely beneficial.

Prevent Expensive Termite Damage

The word ‘termites’ is enough to send a shudder down the spine of any property owner.

And for good reason.

This pest may attack your home in a variety of ways, costing you a lot of money and causing damage to your property.

It is predicted that one in every three households in Australia will encounter termites at least once in their lifetime, highlighting the severe threat these insects pose to your property.

Dealing with a termite infestation isn’t cheap and may cost you about $2000 on average, with repairs costing at least $4000. Serious infestations that are not caught early or prevented altogether can come with much higher bills too.

Do you really have a spare $6000 lying around to assist?

Does your insurance policy cover you for this risk?

It is super important that all property owners stay vigilant in monitoring signs of termites.

Thankfully, there are a range of simple measures available that can help avoid a termite infestation.

As we say at VIP Pest Control, prevention is better (and cheaper) than the cure!

termite control services

Reduce the Chances of a House Fire

When mice, rats, birds, and other animals nest in buildings, illnesses and parasites pose a risk to people’s health. However, there is another threat that might be even more dangerous…fire!

Both rodents and birds like constructing nests in and on structures. They seek for tiny gaps, chimneys, vents, and other warm hiding places. They may also seek for combustible items to build their nests, such as lint, thread, pieces of cloth, dead grass, dried leaves, paper, and feathers. A fire might start if their nests block a vent or are near anything that could spark or get hot.

Rodents can cause house fires and damage to your property by gnawing on wires. This is especially concerning for homes or properties with a large number of mice and rats, which are most frequent during the winter.

It is far more cost efficient and safe to install safeguards in your home early on and stopping a pest, bird or rodent infestation from happening in the first place than having to deal with a fire.

Keep Your Closet Safe

Many of the common household pests are drawn to clothing and as such they find their way inside your wardrobe to feed on a range of different materials. Whilst this might not seem as big an inconvenience as fire, no one wants to have to replace a wardrobe full of clothes!

The truth is that this is an unnecessary problem and one that you should not have to deal with.

Many moth species are drawn to natural materials, which are also the most expensive. And it is in these textiles that they deposit their eggs, destroying your garments. Furthermore, clothes moths are known to chew through clothing, so if you find articles of clothing in your closet that are a bit more exposing than when you first bought them, it is fair to conclude that you have a moth infestation.

Installing measures around your home to minimise easy access for moths to enter your property is strongly advised.

Keep Pests Away from Your Pets and Keep Them Healthy

Rats, cockroaches, fleas or deadly spider bites can be dangerous for house pets. To keep them safe, it’s best if

if you establish a healthy, secure, and pest-free environment for them. Because each pet reacts differently to pests, safety precautions must be put in place around your home to prevent any health-related hazards.

Why Work With VIP Pest Control to Safeguard Your Home From Pests?

VIP Pest Control provides fast, high-quality and low-cost pest control services both commercial and residential buildings. We try to be the finest pest control business in Melbourne; . our services and reaction times are swift, allowing us to treat your pest problem properly and promptly, giving you piece of mind that your property is pest-free.

Unlike other local pest control businesses, we offer a comprehensive variety of pest management services, including inspections, treatments, and prevention. Our termite control services include inspections, proofing for new houses, treatment of existing properties, and even pre-purchase wood pest examinations.

Having been in the business for almost 40 years, we know pests and we know how to deal with them!

As one of the most dependable pest inspection businesses in the city, we have the skills and knowledge you need to finish the work swiftly and maintain a pest-free zone for your home or company.

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