Keeping pests at bay in Castlemaine and surrounding suburbs is easiest when you remember these three C’s.

Clean – Some of the most damaging and unsanitary pests, like cockroaches, rodents and flies thrive in dirty places. Sticky skirting boards, crumb build up and dampness are attractive features for these common pests. So, keeping a clean environment is an essential first step in preventing pests from calling your home or business their own.

Check – Regular visual inspections are an excellent and free way of preventing the infiltration of unwanted pests in your Castlemaine property. This involves checking for overhanging branches and holes or gaps in fly screens, windows, doors and sheds. Maintain any issue as they come about so that pests don’t have easy access to your property. Also, to avoid termite infestations, checking and photographing the wood perimeters on the outside of your property is recommended.

Call Certified Controllers – If you have concerns about a pest sighting in your Castlemaine business or home, don’t try to solve the problem alone. It is always best to seek professional advice from certified pest controllers who are familiar with the Castlemaine area. DIY pest control can be hazardous to pets, children and those with sensitivities, so using qualified pest controllers will provide a safe and guaranteed solution.

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