As technology and environmental awareness increases, so too do the expectations of pest control service providers in Australia. Pest control is evolving every year with new products and knowledge entering the Australian market. For those looking to hire a professional pest control technician in Melbourne or Australia, there are three crucial questions you should ask when making enquiries with different companies.

  1. Do your pest control technicians have certification and ongoing training?

With so many pest control companies in Australia, it is important to choose one with experience, up to date industry training and ongoing commitment to safe practice.

  1. Is your Pest Control Company able to service my particular need?

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial pest control services for prevention, infestations or a property inspection, you need to be sure that the company you choose are confident in carrying out the task you require. The professional contractors can usually guarantee results and expert solutions so put your needs in the right hands.

  1. How long has your Pest Control Company been servicing my local area?

Local knowledge of common pests and patterns of behaviour of pests in the immediate environment is a big advantage in the quality of pest control service you will receive. It is recommended to seek a pest control service in Australia which has a minimum of 10 years of local experience in your suburb.

There are numerous expert pest control companies throughout Australia, it is worth spending some time asking the important questions before choosing one. For superior pest control service in Melbourne and Bendigo, VIP Pest Control are the best choice for every pest related job, click here to see our location coverage

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