With living costs and business expenses on the rise, it is no wonder the residents of Boronia and surrounding suburbs are wanting the best budget pest control advice. Pest control is a very general term which covers the identification, assessment, treatment and / or maintenance of pest problems in both residential and commercial properties. In Boronia, residents often wait to report infestations and termite damage until the problem is at its’ peak. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to keeping pest control costs down.

Prevention is cheaper than infestation treatment

Of course, preventing a pest problem is the ideal way to avoid professional service visits. For Boronia and nearby residents, it is essential to maintain a clean and sanitary space. Junk and garbage should be discarded correctly, and keeping an eye on framework, woodwork, window and door seals in order to keep them in good condition is a proactive way to prevent pests. Taking photographs of problem areas and preforming follow up checks is a quick and exercise.

Regular professional assessments can avoid a balloon cost of infestation treatment

Boronia Pest Control Companies can charge from $550.00 for the treatment of an infestation. However, the costs of a general assessment can be in the vicinity of $180.00. It is highly recommended to have regular general pest inspections done every year or two. A good technician will record all findings and keep reports on the status of pests (if any) on the premises, and may even apply a small amount of preventative product as part of the cost. It is proven that these assessments are more cost efficient for property and business owners in the long run.

DIY products and treatments often backfire

Most people would assume that if DIY products are available on store shelves, surely they are effective and save money by eliminating the need for a professional call-out. However, we have seen many cases of DIY pest control treatments in Boronia which end with the need to follow up with a professional treatment due to the misidentification or misuse of products by inexperienced users. Before taking pest control treatment into your own hands, consider the possibility that your attempt may fail and you will need you will need to pay for a professional technician to eradicate a hygiene or damage crisis.
Business owners – Make professional pest control a priority

Unfortunately, the implications of pest problems in commercial premises can be enormous. In businesses where hygiene and sanitation are compromised, for example if food gets contaminated in a restaurant due to pests, that business can be shut down, investigated or fined. Reputations can be ruined instantly if pest control is not undertaken in a timely manner. The best advice for business owners across all industries, is to plan and budget for regular professional pest control to avoid a potentially devastating outcome.

No one wants to spend money without reason, but when it comes to protecting your family and property from the damaging effects of pest infestations, the few hundred dollars is well justified.

VIP Pest Control have been servicing Boronia and bordering suburbs for decades, and our friendly service team will be happy to discuss your needs. Contact us today. Or read our FAQ’s for answers to common questions.

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