Although ants are not thought to be carriers of disease or particularly dangerous (though their bites can sting!), having ants around in or around your home can be a significant nuisance. Depending on the species, ants may nest inside wall cavities, roof voids, electrical equipment or in and around gardens and under paved areas, causing damage over time. Ant control in these situations can avoid any negative impact on the value of your property.

If you see more than just a few live ants, ant pathways or ant nests it might indicate an ant infestation is present in your home.

The majority of ants prefer sunny climates and such an environment is perfect for ants to thrive in, especially during summer. The most common ant species found in Melbourne are Brown Ants, Blacks Ants, Coastal Brown Ants and Argentine Ants.

Tips for ant control in your home:

• Store all food items in airtight containers
• Wipe down benchtops after use
• Make sure food scraps are in sealed bins or disposed of in sealed external bins
• Block off or seal entry points around doors and window frames
• Trim back trees and bushes to ensure they are not touching your house
• Use DIY products like sprays or ant gel to address ants in your garden or home

In the instance that all of the above is unsuccessful, or if you already have an ant infestation in or around your home, chemical ant control by ant removal professionals is an absolute must!

At VIP, we understand the various types of ants and can offer the most effective solution to resolve your concern. We undertake a full inspection of the premises and then employ either chemical treatments or baiting to reduce the ant population. Most active ingredients in our chemical treatment products are based on synthetic pyrethroids, which are the safest option when used around your family and pets.

Do you have ants at your home? Contact us today on 1800 198 041 to book your ant removal inspection.

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