How to Rodent Proof Your Home?

Making your home or business in Melbourne rodent-proof requires assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable pest controller. Simply laying bait around the property will not exterminate rodents. Instead, a thorough assessment of your property and an understanding of the history of rodent infiltration is required to satisfactorily treat the cause of the rodent issue.

Rodents are crafty animals and extra care is required to locate the area where breeding takes place and to identify where the rodent colony is housed. Sometimes, a neighbouring property might be the source of the rodent colony. It is important to implement a targeted treatment plan. This will ensure that the breeding process stops, and that any remaining rodents can be exterminated.

Rodents carry nasty diseases and their faeces and urine can attract other pests. They can be a nuisance to your pets and loved ones and can cause structural damage to your property. Rodents can also damage important electrical wiring which can damage appliances in your home or business.

To remove nasty rats and mice from your home or business, engage the Pest Control Experts. Here are a few tips to help you remove these pests.

How Do You Keep Rodents Out of Your House?

Rodents will roam anywhere. Unfortunately, not every property is impervious to rodents. There are some things that you can do now to prevent rodents from entering your home or business:

  • Make certain that all food matter is sealed in airtight containers and that nothing edible is left out to attract rodents.
  • Dispose of food waste in a timely manner, not leaving any leftovers lying around. It is good to give your floors a sweep or quick vacuum after consuming a meal.
  • Keep your garden and waste bins clean and ensure that no dead plant matter is lying around.
  • Prevent the number of potential entry points by installing door and window seals on the surrounds of exterior doors and windows.
  • Seal any cracks and holes outside your property that rodents may be able to enter from.
  • Ensure that there is no stagnant water around your property.

How Do You Stop Rats From Coming Into Your House?

Rats are good at analysing things and will not try something new without careful consideration. They are cautious and will tend to hide in the structural part of the property. They will often come out at night, when the coast is clear. You will usually know that they have been roaming around if you sight small black or brown pellet-like droppings, usually in the kitchen area.

Keeping rats out of your house is difficult because you can never know where they are during the day. By sporadically depositing rat bait stations in your property might help to stop rats from coming into your house or business. However, rats are crafty and will avoid any area that might be lethal to them. A pest controller knows how to target rodents and has experience to deal with them in a safe and timely manner.

How to Get Rid of Mice Quickly?

Mice are small creatures that are highly curious and will use their whiskers to move around. Due to poor eyesight, they will roam throughout your property when they detect no movement. Leaving the odd mouse trap is not the best way to remove mice quickly.

Like rats, mice are hard to locate. A thorough assessment of your property is required to ensure that the treatment product has maximum effect. A pest controller will spend time with you to assess openings in your property and locate areas that might house the mice. Having worked with many home and business owners, expert pest controllers know how to complete the task fast.

Who Are The Rodent Control Experts in Melbourne?

Many pest control companies have the resources to remove rodents from your property. However, only some will have the experience and knowledge to provide a targeted and accurate response to your issue. Pest controllers that know rodents, the property’s environment and contributing factors will take time to assess the situation and develop a strategic plan to exterminate the pest.

At VIP Pest Control, we offer high quality Rodent Pest Control in Melbourne. With many years undertaking rat pest control in Melbourne and mice pest control in Melbourne, we have created advanced methods of treatment to handle any situation effectively.

Call us today for a chat 1800 198 041 and speak with one of our friendly team members who can answer any questions you may have, give you a free quote and arrange the treatment suited to your situation.

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