How To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Melbourne, Victoria?

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches From Your Melbourne House?

Some species of cockroaches are more likely to invade your home than others, these are the ones that are considered pests as no one wants these crawling and in some instances flying insects in their home. Other species are actually beneficial to the environment as they play a role in recycling decaying organic matter.

The cockroaches that we don’t want in our Melbourne homes (but they come anyway) can also be carriers of certain diseases because they are mainly found near waste deposits or in the kitchen, where food is kept. Restaurants can also be plagued by cockroach infestations.

A cockroach can measure more than 50 cm (2 in) in length; the tropical species are generally larger than those found in temperate zones. Cockroaches have six legs, two antennae and some of them have wings. Although some have wings, they are not the greatest at flying.

Cockroaches give off unpleasant smells and some sound like a clicking or a chirping sound, and the strange hissing sound that is characteristic of the Madagascar cockroach.

Things You Need To Know About Cockroaches in Melbourne

Cockroaches can wreak havoc on your home. To be successful in Cockroach Control, these are some things that you should know:

Access: Cockroaches enter your home in all sorts of ways, they gain access from outside through cracks and crevices, vents, drains and sewers. Sometimes we even bring them in ourselves, albeit unknowingly on items such as grocery bags,boxes, laptop cases or handbags.

Optimum environment: Your house is the ideal breeding ground for many of the pest species of cockroaches. It contains food, warmth, water and the perfect sites for nesting, so that they can remain active all year round.

species of cockroaches

Reproduction: Cockroaches reproduce quickly and so Professional Cockroach Control is essential. For every one you see there are usually a whole lot more hiding and multiplying behind walls, in backs of cupboards and so on.

Evasiveness: Cockroaches for the most part are nocturnal, if you’ve seen one, I guarantee there are more where that came from. The few you see by day were probably forced out by overcrowding; an indication of a severe infestation.

Allergic Reactions: The mess created by shedding cockroach skins, dead roaches and faeces usually aggravate allergies, in particular for children.

Do-it-yourself just doesn’t work: Cockroaches are really good at hiding, their eggs are naturally protected from many of the do it yourself over-the-counter insecticides you can buy in the stores. Without special equipment, materials and expert knowledge, cockroach control is usually a very frustrating exercise and a losing battle. You need a professional to get rid of these unwanted pests. Contact a VIP Pest Control Professional Today.

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