How Much Does Monthly Pest Control Cost in Australia?

Pest control should not be a one-off engagement. To protect your home or business from nasty pests on a continuous basis, ensure that you have engaged a pest control company on a periodic basis that is frequent based on the technician’s assessment. This will help to prevent any intermittent infestation of pests.

In an earlier blog titled, 3 Tips on How to Choose a Good Pest Control Company in Melbourne, we shared three steps that you should consider when making a decision. These were: ask questions, assess the pest controller’s experience and understand the pest controller’s scope of services.

In this blog, we discuss 4 factors that will affect your investment in periodic pest control services.

1. Schedule

The frequency of the pest controller’s visits will affect the cost of the service. A higher frequency will mean a higher periodic cost. However, the long-term cost will be lower because your property is being protected on a regular basis. This will ensure that you will face no pest-related surprises in the future if you maintain your property appropriately by engaging a qualified technician to undertake sufficient pest and termite control on a routine basis.

2. Scope of services

Depending on the technician’s assessment of your home or business, the pest control services required will differ. In addition, you are at liberty to decide what services you want to ensure that you protect your property and its inhabitants. Whether you add or remove services from the schedule, this will affect the periodic cost.

3. Size of property

The size of the property will affect the price of pest control services. In addition, the complexity of accessing certain parts of the property may add to the cost too. Based on the technician’s assessment, we ensure that we provide a thorough service to our clients. At VIP Pest Control we will endeavour to access all parts of the property so that we treat all hidden pests for maximum effect. In the long-term, this will minimise the recurrence of pests.

4. Location

The location of the home or business does have an impact on the scope of pest control services required. Whether the property is located in or near a rural area, in an area closer to rubbish and pollutants, or in an area with variable climatic conditions, these factors will affect the prevalence of pests. At VIP Pest Control we understand all environments and our technicians are skilled to assess the property’s surroundings and the ideal treatment options.

VIP Pest Control operates throughout Victoria and has been assisting home owners and business owners for over 40 years with leading pest control treatment tailored to their needs. Book you next consultation with an experienced and professional technician at VIP Pest Control. Call 1800 198 041 today to discuss your pest control needs or visit a local branch.

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