Pest Control Cost in Melbourne

In Melbourne, Pest control services need not be an expensive task all year round. If you periodically engage a pest control company to inspect and treat your home or business, you will keep costs down in the future. Pests tend to hide and multiply depending on the environment, so regular treatment will keep pests under control.

Pest control in Melbourne can be cheap or expensive. It depends on what you want. Some might be after a complete inspection and treatment package where every pest is targeted and controlled. Others might be after a more tailored package depending on what pests they have seen or are worried about. Should you not know what you want, you can ask us to professionally assess your home for pests and recommend the most suitable treatment option.

Whilst we recommend that you leave it to us to treat your home effectively and carefully, there are a few things that you can do to minimise your pest control expenses. Here are a few tips our team recommend.

Keep Food Closed

Leaving food exposed around the house will attract pests. Make sure the doors on the pantry are closed and food is stored away in containers. Vacuum around the kitchen area and dining table regularly to pick up any dropped pieces of foods. Make sure your pets do not transfer pieces of food into areas that might attract pests.

Clean Your Bins

Bins, inside and outside of your home or business, harbour pests and the odours might even attract small animals like rodents. Ensure that your bin lid functions appropriately and is kept closed. Try to tie rubbish in a plastic liner and seal it completely before placing it in the bin to minimise the escape of food odours. On a periodic basis, clean and wash your bin thoroughly and wipe with disinfectant to prevent bacteria and mould growth.

Maintain Your Garden

Trimming the bushes and picking up fallen fruit and flower buds will ensure that your garden does not attract pests. Pests like to hide behind bushes, eat fallen fruit and crowd around flower buds. Take time to maintain your garden so that pests have no place to play!

Forget about the pests and leave the worry to us. Call us today on 1800 198 041 and we will say goodbye to the pests for good!

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