Five Reasons Why Your Home is Attractive to Pests

Have you begun to notice more pests in your home? Pest infestation is a shared experience for many Australians living in the Bendigo and Melbourne areas, and why your property is so enticing to them is often easy to identify and simple to fix.

At VIP Pest Control in Melbourne, we have compiled a short list of the five most common factors that may contribute to increased pest activity in your home and the preventive actions you can take to reduce the risk of bugs and rodents in your space.

  1. Cracks and Gaps

As the warmer months roll in, we grow accustomed to closing our windows and doors to secure our homes against unwanted pests. But when we look a little closer, we may find the cracks and gaps that are hidden highways for these pests to enter and cause damage to our property’s interior.

We recommend conducting a thorough evaluation of your property to assess for any noticeable signs of deterioration, including cracks and gaps in areas such as windows, home entrances, and plaster, among others. If you identify these problem areas, ensure they are sealed and monitored. It is important to also assess for any structural damage caused to these areas that may need professional assessment and assistance.

  1. Trash

The most significant enticement for a range of pests is our trash. No matter how scented your bin liners are, pests will still seek it out; with flies and rodents most commonly located in these areas of residential and commercial properties.

The most significant concern here is the bacteria and vector-borne diseases that these pests can bring into your home, putting your family’s health at risk.

There are a few ways that you can prevent your garbage from attracting unwanted visitors. Firstly, place a bin inside your home with a tight-fitting lid and take the garbage out before it overflows. A regular routine of taking trash to the outdoor bin will not only reduce any unnecessary odours inside your home, but also be less desirable to pests.

We suggest clearing food from the kitchen bench or dining table immediately after eating and storing scraps in secured Tupperware.

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  1. Humidity

There are many pest species that thrive in a high-moisture environment. This factor can be problematic for homeowners as wet areas are common in most homes. Moisture may be present from humidity in bathroom and laundry spaces, water from an air-conditioning unit, or a leaking water pipe. Moisture may attract termites if there is water-damaged timber. This draws wasps, cockroaches and rodents looking for a water source.

For your home’s interior, ensure that a professional plumber attends to any visible or potential leaks and that wet areas are well-ventilated. For your property’s exterior, reduce any unnecessary stagnant water sources, and ensure that your drainage system is clean and clear of debris.

  1. Messy Spaces

A common misconception about messy areas in the home is that it must contain food scraps to attract pests. However, this is not the case. A cluttered space accumulates dust, and the dark and warm areas welcome pests such as spiders, rodents and cockroaches. If items are not appropriately stored, they may be at risk of them being eaten and damaged beyond repair.

If you have cluttered areas in your home, now may be a good time to go through the items and replace the cardboard storage with a more secure storage method. If the items are not things you would like to keep, we suggest donating them, recycling them, or placing them in the trash.

Having clear and clean spaces is the first step to a healthy home.

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  1. Leftover Food and Dishes

After a long day at work, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner is the last thing you may feel like doing. However, this is the most significant risk factor for bugs and rodents entering your home as they will be looking for food, which may be now readily available on your dining table, kitchen bench or sink.

One way you can prevent this type of activity is to store leftover food in secure containers, wipe down any surfaces after cooking, and avoid leaving dirty dishes on the table or in the sink. It is important to note that sweeter food items will increase the risk of bug and insect activity, so it is essential to store these items securely.

The same applies if you are cooking and eating outside because the area is more accessible for a range of different pests. If you are having a barbeque, for example, ensure you clean down the grill after it has completely cooled, and wipe down any surfaces that may have traces of food on them.

We have condensed a short list of the five most common factors that may contribute to pest activity in your home: cracks and gaps, garbage, humidity, messy spaces, and leftover food mess and dishes.

If you identified any of the above as potential risk factors for bugs and rodents in your home, don’t panic, as we have provided simple ways to help minimise and reduce these risks.

If you have tried our suggestions but are still finding pests in your home, contact VIP Pest Control. Our qualified pest control specialists will deliver efficient and effective solutions and an extensive range of pest control services tailored to the presenting problem. Our expertise and experience provide high-quality results for our clients every time, which is why we are the pest control company that Victorians trust. Contact us at 1800 198 041 to protect your home today.

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