Doncaster is perfectly positioned amongst hills and natural beauty to invite creepy crawlies of all types into residential and commercial properties. These unwanted pests rarely go away on their own, so it is best to proactive in keeping your home or business pest free.

Don’t assume DIY pest control products will solve your pest problem in Doncaster. Although they are readily available to purchase, applying them effectively often requires a professional pest control technician

Open holes in fly wires, windows and any gaps in ceilings or floors should be sealed and fastened to avoid insect and rodent infiltration

Next time you are outside, inspect the perimeter of your home to notice any problem areas in timber skirting or overhanging branches which could be trimmed back

Consider calling in a professional pest controller if you haven’t had an assessment of your Doncaster property in the last 24 months

Always used a certified pest technician for your Doncaster pest problem to achieve the optimal outcome

Summer pests in the Doncaster area include spiders, cockroaches, bees, wasps and flies.

Termites breed and cause damage all year round, so there is never a better time to check for termites than today

Eateries and hospitality venues need to be extra vigilant during the warmer months to ensure their properties are sanitary and pest free. Many pest infestations occur in sticky and damp areas under equipment and hard to reach areas, and need to be expertly handled if not maintained properly

Regular pest assessments can save you money in the long run. If you include pest control into your annual budget, you will be giving your Doncaster property the ultimate insurance.

VIP Pest Control are dynamites when it comes to Doncaster pest control. Call them today for expert local knowledge and service.

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