Coronavirus Guidelines For Pest Control Companies In Australia

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is being classified as a pandemic throughout the world. The virus is a new strain and there is limited medical information and analysis about the causes, symptoms and antidotes. Notwithstanding this limited information, the Australian Government’s Department of Health and the World Health Organisation have published important information to help people limit the spread of the virus throughout the community.

Each and every one of us can take steps to limit the spread of the virus. Cough or sneezing into a flexed arm, thoroughly washing your hands and minimising social contact are highly recommended. Government organisations, businesses and other organisations are also implementing steps to limit the spread of the virus, i.e. by cancelling events, controlling borders and exercising social distancing. This means that some businesses are operating at less than full capacity to ensure that staff and customers are protected from the virus.

We understand that our business has some degree of human contact as a result of our operations. We have assessed these risks and are taking steps to ensure that our staff through our operations limit the spread of the virus (wherever possible). In this blog, we share with you what steps we are taking to help keep our business operational and to continue to serve our customers with quality pest control services.

What does the coronavirus mean for our business?

The coronavirus is impacting all businesses. Unfortunately, this is not a situation that anyone would have hoped for. However, as a responsible business we are well-equipped to deal with this outbreak and we are taking active steps to minimise the spread of the virus. We are also keeping a close eye on our employees to ensure that they are fit to work and are not displaying symptoms while at work or attending to clients.

Like many other businesses, we have implemented a plan to help us and you stay safe. Our plan includes:

  • ensuring staff who are not well stay home;
  • regularly cleaning our tools and equipment;
  • requiring staff to practice exceptional personal hygiene;
  • reminding staff to take care when attending to clients;
  • staying informed with advice from the Australian Government;
  • providing updates to staff and customers about the coronavirus; and
  • consulting with professionals to assist us with our business operations.


How are we tackling the coronavirus at our office?

We are tackling the coronavirus at our office in accordance with the Australian Government’s Department of Health guidelines and information provided by the World Health Organisation to ensure that our operations comply. Our office and mobile work vehicles are being thoroughly assessed to limit the spread of the virus. Steps including sanitising our office and keeping our tool and equipment clean will help limit the spread of the virus.

We are also taking care when people visit our offices and ensuring that all staff out on duty are taking precautionary steps to limit social interactions where possible. Some of these steps include calling customers and speaking remotely, using contactless forms of payment and invoice distribution, and offering remote advice where feasible.

How are we helping our customers?

We are taking active steps to ensure that our customers receive the same levels of service as they expect. Where we believe that we cannot offer our services due to the nature of the customer’s household or business, we are respectfully declining such visitations temporarily. This includes conducting pest control services at medical and health-related businesses and households where people present with symptoms aligned to the coronavirus strain.

These measures help us ensure that our staff are protected and can continue to serve the community. If we do have to postpone a visitation for these reasons, please respect our decision because we are considering the interests of the community at large including our staff and customers. We will reorganise a booking for a mutually agreeable time without inconvenience to you. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

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