Pre Purchase Building, House & Pest Inspections Melbourne

Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne

Are you Building or Renovating?

VIP Pest Control experts will install cost-effective Chemical and Physical Termite Barriers for you if are renovating an existing home or building a new one in Melbourne. Call us for expert advice on stopping termite infestations before they even begin!

VIP Pest Control offers Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne which include termite protection and termite inspections in and around Victoria. Termite protection as well as termite inspections for builders of homes and buildings in Melbourne are essential as termites can and do seriously damage newly built homes within months, if allowed.

The degradation caused to your timber or pest infestations may not occur when you are building a new structure, however, adding to a structure that already has termites in it, or worse yet right over of an existing termite’s nest would be devastating! This is why it is so important to do building and pest inspections Melbourne!

Eliminate the risk of pest infestations by calling one of our VIP Pest inspectors in Melbourne who are trained specifically to check out your new property, surroundings and any existing buildings to ensure for termite conducive conditions and to give you expert advice as to the best course of action when constructing your own home.

Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne

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Pretty much all home owners recognize the importance of protecting their most valuable asset by maintaining their homes in a good state of repair. Most home owners tend to do all they can to prevent their house from being infested by termites or other timber pests and to have them eradicated in the event that they should show up.

What is astounding is that not many prospective purchasers insist on a pre-Purchase inspection before investing their money in a previously owned home. I mean, let’s face it, would you buy a second hand car before having it checked out thoroughly for mechanical faults or rust in the bodywork?. VIP Pest Control Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne service fully meets the inspection requirements of the pertinent Australian Standards and all inspections are performed by an accredited termite inspector.

VIP Pest Control offers a variety of Building and Pest Inspection services in Melbourne including the following:

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne: An accurate and in-depth understanding of the property before you purchase including comprehensive inspections and reports.

Pre-Sale Inspection: Building and Pest Inspections: Find out if there are any issues that may affect your sale. Find out before you buy so that you can rectify them and ensure the sale goes through without a hitch.

Property Maintenance: VIP Pest Control will survey your building and offer expert advice on how best to reduce possible pest occurrence, saving you money and time down the track

Building Construction Stages: VIP Pest Control Melbourne can assist you with all aspects of protection for your building, whether you are building or renovating or even just considering it. Our experts will guide you in finding any defects during or at the completion of the built structure.

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