Building and Pest Inspections Bendigo

Building and Pest Inspections Bendigo


Clive was looking to downsize in retirement. He was searching for properties in Bendigo and came across a single-level house of approximately 28 years of age. Not knowing whether there were any issues with the property, Clive undertook his due diligence and among other checks engaged a professional pest control company to provide a report on the property.

We attended the property and undertook a complete pre-purchase inspection in accordance with Clive’s instructions and the vendor’s permission. Our report revealed that the property was infested with termites.

While many would be frightened by the prospect of termites living at a property they would like to purchase, Clive was calm and collected. He knew that pests can be treated, and our report did not dissuade him from continuing to negotiate with the vendor. Clive was ultimately successful in the private sale following the auction and was pleased to know that our pre-purchase inspection revealed an issue that we could fix for him. It actually helped him lower the asking price!


pest inspection bendigo

Building and Pest Inspections Bendigo

In addition to providing a report, we gave advice to Clive on the processes he should consider to address and remediate the infiltration. In relation to his property, we noticed that various plumbing lines had degraded over time. Water was leaking from internal pipes and fittings which caused the wooden structure of the home to become susceptible to a termite feeding ground. Termites enjoy moist wooden items and thrive in humid environments.

We recommended Clive treat his entire property for termites. Following the treatment, we recommended a plumber be engaged to fix the plumbing lines and replace the compromised pipes and fittings. We then advised him to source a carpenter to repair the damaged wood in a secure manner. Following these steps, we recommended an additional visit from us to treat the property again to ensure any remaining termites and larvae were destroyed.

Before you purchase your next property, engage us to conduct a pre-purchase pest inspection for all pest-related issues. We give you peace of mind that before you sign the Contract of Sale, you are fully informed of any pest control requirements. Call us on 1800 198 041 to book an inspection.

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