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VIP Pest Control Melbourne specializes in the removal of rodents, termites and all forms of pests in Melbourne metro and the surrounding suburbs. VIP experts have years of experience in removing unwanted pests in domestic and commercial spaces leaving your premises clean, safe, comfortable and of high standard. The well-being of your family is extremely important and keeping out insects, bugs and rodents is what we here at VIP Pest Control, do best. VIP Pest Control experts also inspect and treat your house for termites, saving tons of money and frustration that could occur in the future. We use products that do not harm humans particularly children and young babies, while delivering an efficient and effective service of pest control Melbourne.

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If you have a problem with pests such as ants, wasps, bees, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, mice, etc., the best solution is to call one of our VIP consultants for a free quote and find out how we can eradicate your pests.

Our licensed and accredited team of pest control professionals are reliable, punctual and friendly.

VIP Pest Control emphasizes living and working in clean, safe, and healthy surroundings. We focus on the exterior, ensuring that your surroundings are in tip-top condition. The products we use will not stain your walls or flooring, and you won’t have to endure a strong or annoying smell.

With over 40 years of experience, we are fully insured, timber pest accredited and hold all relevant health department licences. As members of the Australian Pest Managers Association, we offer a reliable and honest Pest Control Service Melbourne.

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