7 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Pest Control Company

Pest Control Companies in Melbourne offer home and business owners a valuable service. The equipment and treatment products used have been tried and tested to deliver superior results. The technicians are trained to provide a targeted and reliable response that cannot be achieved with domestic products and tools alone.

In a blog titled, “When to Call Pest Control Company?”, we discussed the benefits of engaging a Pest Control Company. For example, a pest control company can help you have peace of mind when buying, selling or leasing a property, can help you safeguard your property from pests when renovating and can help you keep your occupants safe.

Here, we explain 7 important questions you should ask to a pest control company before you engage them to provide their services.

1. How Experienced Are You?

The technician’s skill, experience and knowledge is crucial. Pest control is not an easy task and requires knowledge of the environment, understanding of pests and a patient mindset. Whilst short-term relief might be provided, you should look for longer-term solutions.

2. Have You Dealt With Similar Issues Before?

Whilst pest control treatment differs depending on the situation, the technician should have experience dealing with similar issues. They should know how to tackle the issues without too much trial and error. They should know what equipment to use and what the ideal treatment applicant is.

3. Do You Know How The Pest Came To My Property?

Pest controllers should be aware of how pests breed and originate so that they can locate the source of the pest infestation. Simply removing a few pests, without attacking the source, will have only a short-term benefit. Pest controllers should also be aware of associated pests that can make their presence known when other pests are in the area.

4. How Long Will The Treatment Last?

Each treatment applicant will have variable longevity times. Depending on the environment, climate, use of the property by the occupants and the treatment’s potency, treatment applicants can last for a period of time that will depend on a range of factors.

5. What Changes Need To Be Made To Prevent The Recurrence Of The Pest?

Sometimes, you might need to modify your property, or change the way you use or occupy the property, to minimise the recurrence of the pest. The pest controller should be able to give you some useful tips to guide you in the right direction.

6. Are Future Visits Required?

This assessment will be undertaken by the pest controller. Depending on the nature of the infestation and the complexity of the treatment required, future visitations may be required to rid pests from your property for greater long-term satisfaction permanently.

7. What Can I Do To Safeguard My Property From Pests?

Pest controllers will share tips with you so that you can minimise the presence of pests at your home or business.

Periodic inspections and treatments by a qualified pest control company will keep pests out of your property. Book you next consultation with an experienced and professional technician from VIP Pest Control. Call 1800 198 041 today to discuss your pest control requirements.

Have you thought of any other questions that you would like to ask a pest control company? Share them in the comments section below.

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