5 Quickest Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Car

The quickest way to get rid of cockroaches in the car is to ensure that your car is clean and tidy. Since a car is used for transportation purposes, many people forget to give their car the love and attention it needs. As your car transports your children, pets, groceries and other items, you might find a build-up of dirt and rubbish over time.

In a blog we wrote, How to Cockroach Proof Your Home?, we focused on tips directed to keeping cockroaches out of your home. In this blog, we look at the 5 quickest ways to keep cockroaches out of your car so that your driving experience is pleasant and undisturbed by pests.

1. Vacuum Car Regularly

Whilst we tend to vacuum our homes regularly, we often neglect our cars. Whether they are locked up in a garage, left in the driveway, or remain parked in the street, over time there will be a build-up of dirt in the car. To get rid of cockroaches in your car naturally, periodically clean and vacuum your car so that there is no dirt, food deposits, and other waste matter left lying around. A fresher and cleaner car will not invite pests.

2. Remove Rubbish

It is easy for your car to become messy with rubbish. Sometimes, people store unwanted items in the car in hope that they might give it to someone. However, these items often remain for long periods of time before anything happens. Eliminate rubbish from your car and throw it away if you feel you are never going to use it.

3. Ensure Car is Sealed

Many people wonder how roaches get in their car. Baby roaches are often found in car vents because the air flow system generally has an external access point. Limit their access by closing the vents after use. In addition, ensure that the seals on your car are operating effectively around windows, roof, doors, bonnet and boot to ensure that cockroaches do not wander inside your car.

4. Park Car Away From Bushes And Bins

Cockroaches tend to enjoy moist areas and reside near rubbish bins and plant matter. Ensure that your car is parked at a safe distance from plants, bushes and bins. Keeping your car at close proximity will invite pests because the car, after a drive, is warm. Deter pests by parking in a lock up garage.

5. Actively Treat Pests Spotted Inside the Car

If you spot pests inside your car, such as cockroaches, ensure that you treat it immediately to prevent the multiplication of pests. Pests invite other pests and the matter can escalate if overlooked. Household sprays may work. However, for effective and long-lasting treatment, engage a professional.

VIP Pest Control offers effective cockroach control service for your vehicles. If you still find cockroaches crawling in your car after considering the tips above, give our friendly technicians a call on 1800 198 041.

Are you worried about cockroaches in your car? What safeguards have you implemented to keep these nasty pests away?

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