In Australia, we have many types of pests, from small to large, scaly to furry and mildly annoying to devastatingly damaging. Whilst some pests are simply irritating, others can be harmful to our health, destructive to property and/or threaten the fine balance of the natural ecosystem.

There are various methods of controlling or removing pests, including:
• Hygiene – cleaning up, storing food sources appropriately
• Biological control methods – this generally involves introducing a predator
• Chemical treatments – such as sprays or powders
• Strategic baiting methods

In rural and outer-urban areas, foxes, kangaroos and feral cats pose a serious threat to the ecosystem. In urban areas, the following are generally the most common pests:

Spiders Control
Australia is home to several species of spider, some harmless and some poisonous. Poisonous spider bites can cause serious injury. It is important to call in the pest control professionals if you are concerned that you may have a spider infestation.
Professional spider control treatment usually involves the spraying of safe synthetic pyrethroid chemicals will depend on the type of spider, i.e.: webspinning or nomadic varieties, and usually involves the spraying of chemicals either directly onto the spider’s web, or into the area that they are inhabiting.

Ants Control
Ants are not particularly dangerous, but they are a nuisance when found in and around your home. Ant control generally involves spraying and/or baiting, although with ants, prevention is the best cure. Therefore, we do recommend attention to hygiene around the home when it comes to food and food scrap disposal.

Rats, Mice & Rodents Control
Rodents can be a destructive force for properties, and pose a serious threat to human health. Rodent infestation is of particular concern where young children are living in the home. Baiting is the most common form of rodent control.

Termites Control
Termites are the most destructive timber pests in Australia and can cause devastating damage to your home and foundations, often without you even noticing!

The CSIRO recommends annual termite inspections to safeguard your biggest asset. You can also undertake other measure to help prevent termite attack, including rectifying plumbing leaks and removing all scrap timber from your home’s sub floor and nearby garden areas. It is also recommended to have a professional attend and termite proof your home, which involves one or more of the following methods; Home Guard permanent termite barriers, a Plasmite Reticulation System and/or Chemical soil treatments using Bifenthrin.

Wasps & Bees Control
Wasp and bee stings are extremely painful, and in some cases deadly, especially when someone is allergic. Chemical spraying and nest removal are the most successful forms of control for these flying pests.

Fleas, Mosquitos, Cockroaches, Scorpions, Earwigs, Moths and Silverfish
There are even more insects that can become a real nuisance and present a serious challenge for removal.

If you have tried hygiene and home use chemical sprays or bait and continue to have a pest control problem in your home or business – get in touch with the pest removal experts at VIP Pest Control on 1800 198 041.

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