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Rodents Control Melbourne

Rodents are a term for a group of creatures that consists of rats and mice. Rodents are the largest group of mammals on the planet and are remarkable in that they can live in almost any environment and climate. You can find them anywhere from deserts to swamps and tropical rainforests. Every now and then you might find them indoors, looking for food, water, and shelter inside a building. Being nocturnal creatures, they can be quite evasive as they don’t usually make an appearance in broad daylight when most people are up and about. Rather they tend to hunt and gather during the night.

Signs that you might have rodents in your home, and may need rodent removal in Melbourne, or mouse removal in Melbourne, include:

  • Sounds – Though often not visible, if rats and mice are in a building, they can be heard clawing and scratching in roof voids, wall cavities, and subfloor areas.
  • Droppings – A big sign of rodents in your property is their droppings. These can appear anywhere and are usually one of the first signs that people come across that indicate to them that there might be a rat or mice around.
  • Tracks – Dusty areas of your property can be beneficial in detecting rodents. They will leave tracks when they cross covered areas.

There are some things you can do to prevent rodents from entering your home/house:

  • Make certain that all food matter is sealed in airtight containers and that nothing edible is left out to attract rodents.
  • Dispose of food waste in a timely manner, not leaving any leftovers lying around. It is good to give your floors a sweep or quick vacuum after consuming a meal.
  • Prevent the number of potential entry points by installing door seals on the bottom of exterior doors.
  • Seal any cracks and holes outside your property that rodents may be able to enter from.

How to Get Rid of Rodents, Rats & Mice?

At VIP Pest Control, we offer high quality Rodent Pest Control in Melbourne. With many years undertaking rat pest control in Melbourne and mice pest control in Melbourne, we have created advanced methods of treatment to handle any situation effectively.

Call us today for a chat 1800 198 041 and speak with one of our friendly team members who can answer any questions you may have, give you a free quote and arrange the treatment suited to your situation.

Why Choose VIP Pest Control:

  • Environmentally friendly rodent pest control
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  • Over 40 Years industry experience

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    Friendly staff and explained the concept and process to me. Haven’t had any mice back hopefully they stay away.



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    I am quite happy with your services for rat control in my home. Thanks VIP Pest Control.



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    Highly recommend VIP Pest Control to anyone looking for great rodent control service, great price and quality work.



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