Rodent Removal & Control Melbourne

Having a Rat or Mouse infestation in your home is not just an invasion they can spread disease to you and your family.

If you discover rodents in your home it is important that you deal with it immediately for the following reasons

  • Rodents carry disease, including their droppings they leave all over your home or business
  • They are a disease carrier, some of which can be fatal to humans
  • Using Rat poison and baits in your home can cause harm for pets and small children
  • They breed quickly and before long can take over your home or business

A lot of time can be spent chasing them with a broom stick or setting up your own traps, this is not only time consuming but generally not effective in eradicating them permanently.


At VIP Pest Control we treat Rodents by installing bait stations that attract rats and mice into the stations, they are lockable and safe for small animals and children.

Whether its Mice Control, Mice infestation, Rat Control, Rat infestation, Rat Removal or general rodent infestation please call us now for a fast quote.