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How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost in Melbourne

termite treatment cost

Termites cause major structural damage to properties in Australia every year. If you suspect termites are active around your home or business, you need to take steps to remove them for good. So, how much does termite treatment cost in Melbourne?

The cost of Termite Treatment in Melbourne is affected by a range of factors. Your property’s location, size and construction, the extent of the infestation, and the type of treatment needed all impact the price you pay.

The best way to treat termites is to hire a professional Pest Control Company. At VIP Pest Control, we provide reliable and safe Termite Treatment services to fix your termite problems permanently. From inspections to treatments, here’s everything you need to know about the cost of termite treatment in Melbourne.

Signs You Should Book A Termite Inspection

Often remaining hidden, termites are usually discovered months after starting their destruction process. You should Contact a Professional Pest Control Company and book a termite inspection if you notice any of these signs around your property:

Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is the best way to find out if you have an infestation. The inspection involves checking accessible timbers in your property’s interior, exterior, subfloor, roof, garden and fences. You then receive a Termite Inspection Report, which includes findings about the inspected areas, inaccessible high-risk areas and recommended treatments. A termite inspection in Melbourne can cost between $250 and $350 for an average-sized property or $500 or more for larger properties.

Termite Treatment Options

Once a termite inspection has been conducted, the best form of treatment will be recommended. There are usually two ways of Treating Termites: quick fixes and full treatments. To help you understand what is involved with each and how much they cost, here’s everything you need to know about these termite treatments.

Quick Fix Termite Treatments

Quick fixes only treat the area where the termites have been located. This is done through spraying, foaming or dusting and can cost between $300 and $900. While effective for a small infestation, these treatments do not provide long-term protection.

Spray Treatment

Spray treatments target visible termites but do not control infestations. Two types of chemicals can be used: repellent and non-repellent. While the repellent spray is detectable by termites, allowing them to find new entry points, the non-repellent spray is better because it is almost completely undetectable.

Foam Treatment

Foam treatments target termites found deep within walls, ceilings, or wood elements. Since sprays are difficult to apply to these areas, foam can effectively fill these spaces and trap the termites. The best foam treatments infect some of the termites, so the infection eventually spreads and kills the entire colony.

Dust Treatment

Dust treatments target small colonies and often require multiple follow-ups. This treatment involves drilling holes into the infested areas, applying the dust, and then covering the holes. Similar to the foam, the dust infects some of the termites, so the infection eventually spreads and kills the entire colony.

Full Termite Treatments

Full treatments target large colonies that have expanded across large areas. There are two full treatment options: termite barriers and termite baiting. Providing long-term control and protection, these treatments can cost between $1,500 and $5,000.

Termite Barrier Treatment

A termite barrier is an Effective Treatment for Protecting Your Property for up to eight years. It involves using repellent or non-repellent chemicals to treat your property’s soil, slab and pathways. While non-repellent chemicals are more expensive, they ensure that termites transfer the poison back to the nest. Repellent chemicals only deter termites from entering your property. Regardless of which chemicals are used, a termite barrier means that you have a constant treatment zone around your home or business.

Depending on your property’s location, size, construction, and chemical used, a termite barrier treatment can cost between $1,500 and $5,000. If termites are inside your home or business, this cost may include a foam or dust treatment. An annual termite inspection is also needed to identify conditions that could weaken the barrier.

Termite Baiting System Treatment

The termite baiting system is another effective long-term treatment. It involves placing baits on top of active mud tubes and in the soil. When termites are detected, a termiticide is released. This chemical infects and eventually kills the entire colony. The more bait stations you set up, the better your chances of destroying the colony.

Depending on your property’s location, size and construction, this treatment can cost between $2,000 and $4,500. This price includes servicing, monitoring and baiting for 12 months. On a 12-month program, the baiting system is usually checked every four weeks. It then costs around $800 to maintain the baits every subsequent year.

Factors That Affect Termite Treatment Cost in Melbourne

There is a range of factors that affect the cost of termite treatment in Melbourne. Here are the factors and how they could impact the price you pay.

Property Location

Your property’s location can impact the scope of termite control services required. If your home or business is located within a termite zone or area with climatic conditions favourable to termites, you may need specific treatments.

Property Size

The bigger your property’s square footage, the higher the cost of the termite treatment. Your home or business’s size determines the length of the termite inspection, how much product will be needed, and how much labour will be required.

Property Construction

How your property is built also affects the termite treatment cost. Subfloors, extensions, and materials used around your slab impact, as well as which treatment should be applied. The type of treatment recommended will impact the price you pay.

Infestation Extent

The extent of the infestation at your property affects which termite treatments you need. Depending on how small or large the infestation is, you may need internal treatments and structural replacement, as well as external treatments to ensure long-term protection.

Infestation Age

The older a termite colony is, the more damage it would have caused to your property. If a colony has been active in your home or business for an extended period, it is more likely to have spread to other parts of your property. This impacts how much internal treatment and structural replacement will be required.

Climatic Conditions

Climate can also affect the treatment cost. Since the lifespan of termites depends on the right climatic conditions, this can impact the extent of the infestation on your property. Climatic conditions that favour termites could mean a large and intense infestation, which costs more to treat and control.

Termite Types

Another factor that affects the treatment cost is the type of termite at your property. Different types of termites prefer different parts of homes. The type of termite, where it is located, and how best to treat it will impact the price you pay.

Which Termite Treatment Option Is Best?

When it comes to termite treatments, it is better to invest in a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. While the spray, foam and dust treatments can destroy a small colony, they do not prevent termites from returning. As a result, choosing one of these options may cost you more in the long run if the pests return and do thousands of dollars of damage to your property. While the termite barrier and baiting treatments may be more expensive, these options provide long-term control and prevention. In fact, the most effective protection from termites may be a combination of these full treatments.

If you suspect termites are active around your home or business, we can help. At VIP Pest Control, we provide affordable, Reliable and Safe Termite control services to homes and businesses across Melbourne, Bendigo and parts of regional Victoria. With over 40 years of experience, we are one of the most reliable pest control companies in the area. Our team of highly trained and fully accredited professionals have the knowledge and expertise to fix your termite problems for good.

We offer affordable termite control services if you choose a spray, foam, dust, barrier or baiting treatment. We specialise in termite inspections, proofing for new homes, treatment of established homes and even pre-purchase timber pest inspections. What’s more, all of our termite treatments are environmentally friendly and safe and meet all required Australian standards.

If you have noticed signs of termites or want to take preventative measures to protect your home or business from an invasion, call us today on 1800 198 041.

Do you have any questions about the cost of termite control in Melbourne? Would you like to find out more about the termite treatment options? Share your queries in the comments section below and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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