Stored Product Insects Control & Removal in Melbourne, VIC

Stored Product Insects Control MelbourneStored Product Insects is a category made up by a wide variety of insects. They are given their name because they have the tendency to infest a large number of different stored foods. They have been seen in many products, including cereals, grains, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts. They have also been known to find their way into non-food items, such as dry pet food, bird seed, potpourri, and tobacco. Stored Product Insects will usually target products that have been kept open, and whilst this can occur during the manufacturing process, in most cases it happens whilst in stores or in homes.

If you feel that you might have Stored Product Insects on your property, you can contain the situation by gently and carefully removing the food source or sources that contain the insects. It is a good idea to then ensure that all other food sources are kept sealed and your pantry and kitchen is given a thorough clean to get rid of any crumbs or food scraps that may be floating around.

A few of the notable Stored Product Insects seen in Australia, include:

Almond Moth
The Almond Moth lives internationally and has been spotted in processing facilities, warehouses, and sometimes, households. It likes to feed on grain, cereal products, oilseeds, and dried plant products. Their forewings are grey to brown, with a white to pink larva and brown head.

Tobacco Moth
As the name suggests, the Tobacco Moth feeds on tobacco, but also nuts, dried fruits, and cereals. Once they become adults however, the moths just cease to feed at all. They can be identified by their brownish grey forewings crossed with two light bands.

Indian Meal Moth
One of the more common commercial and pantry critters, the Indian Meal Moth causes no damage and is attracted to grain and grain products. They are identifiable by their muted grey winds and red-brown front wing.

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