Victoria’s regional areas are fast becoming home to many new families, businesses and retirees, especially areas like Bacchus Marsh in the Shire of Moorabool. Being set amidst rivers, fields and bushland, Bacchus Marsh attracts a wide variety of pests according to local pest control companies. When managing and treating pests in regional area, there are some added considerations to take into account.

Here are the top Do’s and Do Not’s when it comes to regional pest control;

DO pay attention to the precious wildlife and ecosystems which form part your back yard or garden areas.

There are plenty of environmentally friendly pest control treatment options, which Bacchus Marsh local pest professionals will prefer to use. Be sure to insist on treatments which will biodegrade and cause little or no harm to your outdoor environment, pets and family.

DO perform regular DIY perimeter checks of your property.

Pay particular attention to the wood and areas where ground meets property. Bacchus Marsh is known for termite pest infestations, which cause extreme damage to homes and businesses. By keeping track of any early signs of termites, you can prevent an expensive and devastating problem later on.

DO employ pest control professionals with experience and local knowledge.

In Bacchus Marsh there are a number of licensed pest control companies which have been operating locally for many years. It is wise to do some research on the company you are considering to make sure you are giving your pest assessment or problem the most expert service possible.

DO NOT try to manage a pest infestation on your own.

Incidents have occurred in Bacchus Marsh and surrounding regional areas whereby home and business owners have attempted treating pest infestations on their own. Their attempts can lead to a more extreme outbreak, or have no effect at all due to the wrong amount or type of pest control treatment being applied. It is advised to call in the professionals when you see signs of an infestation to save time and money.

DO NOT purchase a property without arranging a pre-purchase pest inspection.

Many homes and buildings in Bacchus Marsh were built in the early 1900’s. Longstanding residences are susceptible to termite damage. Before purchasing a property in the area, it is highly recommended to arrange an independent building inspection for an expert report and peace of mind.

DO NOT assume that Winter months require less property maintenance for pest prevention purposes.

Although most common pests appear in Spring and Summer, it is important to actively prevent Winter pests from taking shelter in your property. This involves clearing gutters, pruning back tree branches, unblocking leaves from in-ground drains, and ensuring that all cracks are sealed. Rodents and spiders seek warm homes in rooves and storage areas, so ensuring that access to these spaces is eliminated will help to maintain a pest free home.

Bacchus Marsh residents and business owners deserve ongoing enjoyment of their properties. If a pest problem is causing nuisance, damage or unsanitary conditions do your property and loved ones a favour, and call in the experts at VIP Pest Control.

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