Pest control companies in Melbourne service domestic, commercial and industrial pest problems. Over the last decade, Melbourne has earned fame in the food and hospitality industry because of the many fine cafés and eateries which have popped up in the CBD and throughout the many surrounding suburbs.

Keeping your hospitality venue pest-free is crucial to maintaining regular customers, hygienic conditions and a good reputation.

Take note of these helpful ways to protect your café, restaurant or food outlet from common pests in Melbourne, Australia;

1. Start by implementing daily pest prevention procedures.

All Australian food outlets are required to have explicit opening and closing procedures. Include the following simple and effective tasks in your venue’s closing list;

– Thorough sweeping and mopping with an antibacterial agent every day. Crumbs and sticky substances are most attractive to pests, especially rodents, cockroaches and silverfish.
– Ensure all dry goods are kept air tight. Store rooms are often the first place pests attack Melbourne eateries. If any raw goods are kept in tubs, these need to be sealed properly.
– Coffee and drinks preparation areas should be thoroughly wiped down to avoid milk and liquid deposits from building up over time. These type of residues attract pests like ants and cockroaches.

2. Ensure staff members understand the importance of maintaining a pest free zone.

Your team should be regularly reminded to be vigilant when it comes to keeping a clean and hygienic work place. Encourage them to report any sightings of rodents, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, fruit flies or other pests to management immediately. If discovered early, pest problems can be eliminated before turning into an infestation. Be aware that pests can cause food contamination and put people’s health at risk, so eliminating this possibility is very important as a business owner or manager.

3. Employ a Certified Pest Control Company to service your Melbourne food outlet regularly.

Depending on the size of your establishment, and the volume of food and drink produced, quarterly, 6-monthly or annual pest control assessments and treatments are highly recommended in the industry. By having one pest control technician contact for your business, you will benefit from assessment reports and controlled ongoing treatments which will ensure an infestation doesn’t occur. Often having these pest checks works out to be cheaper long term for the business owner, because the cost of treating a serious pest problem as a one-off in Melbourne can be very steep.

Rest assured, that by hiring a certified and professional pest control company to treat your hospitality needs in Melbourne all products used will be designed for the food industry and will not be harmful to customers. In addition, the right pest control company will act discreetly and fit in to your schedule to avoid busy times.

VIP Pest Control has been servicing hospitality businesses in Melbourne for over 40 years, and we guarantee expert and discreet service every time. Call us today to discuss the many pest control options for your venue. Do the best thing for your business, and call in the best pest control technicians in Melbourne.

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